What Can You Do with the All in One SEO Pack Plugin for WordPress?

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By now, chances are that you’ve heard of the All in One SEO Pack plugin for WordPress. In fact, we’ve talked this SEO plugin on our blog before. While everyone is always saying that it’s a great plugin to use, most descriptions (including our previous ones) don’t dig into everything that this plugin can do. Whether you have a little experience with this plugin or you haven’t used it yet, let’s take a look at everything it’s capable of doing:

Once you install and activate the All in One SEO Pack, click the “Settings” link in your admin area, then the “All in One SEO” link. From the page that appears, you will be able to control the broad settings for your WP blog or website. Some of the available settings include:

All in One SEO Options

Home Title: Customize your site’s title. Because you may only want to display a short and sweet title in your site’s actual design, this option can be used to display a juicier title for search engines to display.

Home Description: If you don’t have a description, search engines will just take a snippet from your homepage to display. For most blogs, a snippet from the latest post isn’t going to explain what the whole blog is about. Adding a compelling description with the help of this option can increase the number of searchers who click through to your result.

Home Keywords: While meta keywords are no longer a major ranking factor, it doesn’t hurt to use this option to enter your core keywords.

Custom Titles: This plugin allows you to choose a custom format for the titles throughout your site. The main ones most people care about are post and page titles. However, this plugin also gives you control over archive, category, search and tag titles. This option can be helpful in ranking well for some of your long-tail keywords.

Use Tags for Meta Keywords: This option allows you to create WP tags based on the meta keywords you use for your posts and pages. This can be beneficial for your SEO efforts, as well as helping visitors find their way around your site.

Noindex Archives and Categories: Some blogs may want their category pages to be indexed. However, there are plenty that don’t have anything to gain from these pages being indexed. If you fall into the second category, you can use this option to add the noindex attribute to your category pages.

In addition to controlling broad settings for your site, you can also make changes to individual posts or pages. Useful options include:

All in One SEO Plugin Options

Title: This option can be used to display a more keyword rich title in the search engines. This option also includes a character counter to help you craft the perfect length for your title.

Description: Use this option to entice searchers to click through to your post or page. Like the title, this option also includes a character counter.

Menu Label: If you want to give a page a descriptive title, but you don’t want a long title to show up in your site’s menu bar, you can use this option to display a shorter page title on your menu.

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What Can You Do with the All in One SEO Pack Plugin for WordPress?, 2.5 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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