Should You Really Redesign Your Website?

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For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been toying around with the idea of redesigning my website. My current website has been up for a few years, and while it ranks well and brings me a lot of business, I can’t help but wonder if it could look and perform even better.

While I’ve spent a good amount of time brainstorming concepts for my new site, I’ve yet to officially move forward and give my designer the go-ahead to start building a new site. Why? Because I’m not yet sure if I really should redesign my website.

Right now, I’m asking myself these questions:


  • What are some areas on my current site that could be improved? What’s the point of redesigning a website if you’re not going to improve it on multiple levels? The entire point of a redesign is to create a new website that looks better, performs better, provides a better user experience, and is just all around…better. Right now, I’m making a list of some of the areas of my current website that I think could be better, so that I’ll have a clear direction should I decide to have it redesigned.
  • Can I redesign my website without sacrificing my conversion rate and search rankings? The main strengths of my current website are that it ranks really well for some highly competitive keywords and it does a good job of converting visitors into qualified leads. If I redesigned my website, it’s possible that I could lose that. My focus has to be maintaining or even improving my rankings and conversion rate.
  • Am I redesigning just for the sake of redesigning? Many times, companies redesign their websites just because they feel that’s the thing they need to do. It’s been a couple of years, so you’re supposed to redesign your site, right? Not necessarily. If your website is still performing well and looks current, maybe you don’t need to redesign it. Maybe, you just need to update the content a little bit to make it more current.
  • How can I push my brand forward with a site redesign? Too many companies don’t understand how important a role their website plays in building their brand. Right now, my website doesn’t really do much for my brand. It’s just a pretty plain-jane site that has little actual branding to it. Building a recognizable, consistent brand is something I have to work on, and a site redesign could help achieve that.
  • How can I make my new website more user-friendly? At the end of the day, your website is all about your visitors. If your visitors can’t find the information they need easily, your site won’t be effective. It’s that simple. Your goal with your site redesign should be to make the experience better for your visitors.


Are you in the early stages of considering a website redesign? Ask yourself these questions to determine if it’s the best choice for your brand.


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