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I have been using computers most of my life, and surfing the web for almost as long. One thing that I enjoy is finding old school websites. In most cases, these sites are very easy on the eyes because they don’t focus on styling HTML with CSS, and they provide very resourceful information. Also, most older sites I’ve seen that launched in the early to mid 90′s are simply cool, and even sites from early 2000. They all have a certain look and feel to them that are unlike any other. Maybe I’m just getting old? But I don’t think so.

Screenshot of thesitewizard.com

That said, I ran across a really interesting site called thesitewizard.com. I have to say, this site has a lot of useful information, and the design reminds me of the style I enjoy most… 90′s! I found the site from a link on Eric Brantner’s site, one of the writers here on SeoHosting.com, and I am seriously glad I did.

To begin with, thesitewizard.com offers visitors with a resource of free online wizards. A wizard is referred to as an easy to use and automated program that creates customized CGI scripts, PHP scripts, or JavaScripts for your website. Simply answer a few questions and each wizard will generate the proper code for you to add to your website.

Some of the more popular wizards include the Feedback Form, CSS Navigation Menu Button, Drop-Down Menu, Frame BreakOut, and Article Syndicator.

The fun only starts there. In addition to free online wizards, thesitewizard.com has sections that include multiple articles on getting started with your website, web design, search engines, how to make money online, domains, web hosting, and even blogging. Additional sections include online tutorials on JavaScript, PHP, Perl / CGI, HTML, and CSS.

The entire site earns two thumbs up from me, but as a bonus, there’s one additional feature to the site that makes it even more amazing that it already is, and that’s the RSS feed. While older sites do appeal to me, one thing that does bother me about stagnant sites created in the 90′s is their lack of updates. Clearly not the case with thesitewizard.com.

Subscribing to their RSS feed will gain you up-to-date information, tips, tricks, and tutorials all that will enable you to become a better blogger or webmaster. I personally suggest you make thesitewizard.com one of your regular reads.

What other OLDER sites do you know of that are similar to thesitewizard.com? Share them with everyone else in the comments below.

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Learn How To Design, Promote, Program, and Make Money All From One Website, 4.5 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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