How to Use Video the Right Way on Your Landing Pages

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Using video on your landing pages is a good way to engage visitors, more clearly deliver your sales message, and get more conversions.  It also helps you keep visitors on your website longer. When used properly, video helps make everything on the page more effective, but if you use it the wrong way, the video can quickly become a distraction, keeping you from making the conversion.

Today, I want to briefly touch on some tips for integrating video into your landing pages. If you have any additional tips or experience using video on your websites, please leave a comment to let us know.

  • Use a script—The words you say in your video need to be carefully planned out. You should put as much effort into writing the script as you would any other piece of sales copy. Using a script ensures you have a tight message, and it keeps you from rambling and losing the viewer’s interest.
  • Good audio/video quality is essential—I’m not saying you have to drop thousands to shoot a video worthy of being on the big screen, but you do have to make sure your video is clear and the audio is easy to hear. Grainy video or bad audio will frustrate users and cause them to leave your website.
  • Add a call to action to your video—Video on your landing pages is another tool for converting visitors. Of course, to convert them, you have to get them to take action. You should have a call to action visible in your video, and the spokesperson should also verbally ask viewers to take action.
  • Autoplay is annoying—Some think that autoplay can be effective in grabbing people’s attention, but personal experience and common sense says that it’s intrusive and annoying. For every person who it grabs their attention and converts, I can promise there are several more (like me) that it annoys and drives away.
  • Make watching the video an option, not a necessity—While I am a fan of using video on landing pages, I’m not a fan of only using video. If I land on a page that’s just a 5-10 minute video and nothing else, I’m not going to watch it. Watching the video should be optional. You should have strong copy on your landing page as well so that visitors can get the information they need without watching the video. Remember, not all visitors will be in a situation where they can watch the video.
  • Test different video lengths—Just like you should be testing out different copy changes, you should also be testing out different tweaks to your video. Some products may perform better with a 5 minute video pitch, and others might just need a 30 second commercial. Always be testing.

Do you use video on your landing pages? What tips would you add to this list?

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How to Use Video the Right Way on Your Landing Pages, 3.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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