6 Signs Your Website is Outdated

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As more and more consumers turn to the internet to guide their purchasing decisions, it’s essential to take a hard, unbiased look at your website to make sure it meets the demands of potential customers. Remember, online shoppers are skeptical by nature, and if your website appears shoddy and outdated, there’s a good chance they’ll abandon your site for one of your competitors.

How can you tell is your website is outdated? Here are 6 signs to look out for.

  1. You still have a splash page. Your customers are in a hurry. Making them wait while your splash page loads and then click another link before they can actually access your website is a horrible idea. It leads to high site abandonment rates, costing you money. It’s 2010. Ditch the splash page.
  2. Your copyright isn’t current. Nothing screams outdated like a website with a copyright from 2003. It shows that you haven’t updated your website in years, and it makes it look like there is no active, breathing company behind the website. Customers want to know that your company is current, relevant, and trustworthy. Update your copyright, and earn the trust of potential customers.
  3. The copy doesn’t reflect your current business. Businesses grow. They change. If it’s been a few years since you’ve updated your website, there’s a good chance it doesn’t reflect your current business. It may no longer correctly speak to your target audience, and it might not focus on your latest unique selling point.
  4. Your website uses old, spammy SEO tricks. Oh, how I miss the old days of SEO. The hidden text on the background of the page. The long paragraph of keywords stuffed at the bottom of each page. Nothing like some good old spam. If your website still uses these old SEO tactics (and I still see websites like this), you need to update your site ASAP.
  5. Your site doesn’t display properly across all browsers. In the past, all you really had to worry about when building your site was making sure it looked okay in Internet Explorer. That’s no longer the case. Not only are there several other browsers you have to consider (Google Chrome, Firefox, etc.), but there are also mobile browsers, so your site needs to display correctly on cell phones as well.
  6. It just looks dated. Just like fashion, interior design, automobiles, and everything else, website style is always changing, and if your website hasn’t been updated recently, it might look dated. The only difference? Dated websites aren’t hip or vintage. They’re just sad, outdated, and ineffective.

What are some other telltale signs of outdated websites?

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6 Signs Your Website is Outdated, 2.8 out of 5 based on 2 ratings
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