4 Reasons to Offer the Option of Guest Checkout on Your Website

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How many times have you been on a website, gotten ready to make a purchase, only to discover that before you could place your order, you had to create an account with the company? Forcing your customers to jump through hoops just to do business with you is never a smart move. That’s not to say that having the option to open a checkout account isn’t a good idea, but it shouldn’t be a requirement for buying from you.

Here are 4 reasons to also include a guest checkout option on your website.


  1. Some people aren’t comfortable with giving out personal information—Online shoppers are often very cautious, and they don’t want to provide you with any more information than they have to in order to complete their purchase. Asking them to create an account could scare them away.
  2. It makes checkout appear faster and easier—Even if guest checkout isn’t actually faster than registering for an account, the average person thinks it is. So, if they’re impatient and want to hurry up and place their order, having the option of guest checkout could be the difference between making the sale or losing it.
  3. A large percentage of customers prefer the guest checkout option—One study I read recently found that, when given the option, 30% of customers will use guest checkout. Doesn’t it just make sense to give your customers what they want?
  4. It can only help things—How is having the option of guest checkout going to hurt you? It won’t. It can only help things, not hurt them. Yes, it’d be nice if you could get every customer to sign up for an account, but it’d be even nicer not to lose out on sales because certain customers don’t feel like signing up.


Do you offer your customers the option of guest checkout?

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4 Reasons to Offer the Option of Guest Checkout on Your Website, 4.3 out of 5 based on 2 ratings
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