4 Questions Visitors Have When They Arrive On Your Website

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When visitors arrive at your website, they have questions. They didn’t land on your website by accident. There’s a reason they’re on your website, and it’s your job to anticipate the questions your visitors have and to address them so you can keep visitors from bouncing.

While there are lots of different questions visitors may have depending upon the type of website you have and the specific situation the visitor is in, these are the 4 questions most business websites need to focus on answering.

  1. Does this website have what I’m looking for? When people come to your website, they’re looking for something. It’s your job to know what that something is and to make it as easy as possible to find on your site. Simply put, when someone arrives on your website, it should be clear that they’re at the right place. If that’s not clear, visitors will back off your site just as quickly as they arrived.
  2. Is this website trustworthy? Whether your visitor is looking for information or looking to buy something, they want to make sure your website is trustworthy. The web is filled with shady sites. How can you make sure your website looks trustworthy? Have a good design, clear content, plenty of information about your company, contact information, and ideally, testimonials from your customers.
  3. How can I learn more about your products, services, and company? No one is going to do business with you without first learning about your products, services, and company. You have to give customers the information they need to help them make an informed buying decision. Make sure you have a good About Us page on your website, and clearly categorize your products and services so visitors can read more about them.
  4. How do I contact you? Don’t make people jump through hoops to contact you. In addition to having a dedicated contact page, I’m a big fan of putting contact forms and contact info on every page of your website. You should also have calls to action on all sales pages that tell people exactly how to get in touch.


What are some other questions visitors have when they arrive on a website?

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4 Questions Visitors Have When They Arrive On Your Website, 2.8 out of 5 based on 4 ratings
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