What Makes You So Special?

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I know this is an SEO blog, but I’m going to stray off the beaten path a bit with this post. I want to discuss the importance of website copywriting. Of course, SEO is an important part of copywriting, but there is so much more to it than placing keywords in your content.

What you need to think about is what your plan is for converting the visitors once they land on your website. After all, what good is it ranking well if your content stinks? Search engine rankings are not the be-all-end-all for SEO.

In all forms of copywriting, convincing the customer you’re worthy of their business is important. This is especially true online because the consumer is even more wary of doing business with a company they’ve never heard of online.

The website copywriter’s job is to tell the visitor what makes them so special. And no, that doesn’t mean cliché statements like “Customer service is our number one priority.” Also, “We are the experts in our industry” doesn’t count either.

Everyone says these things. Frankly, the consumer isn’t buying it.

Your website copy should tell the customer specific reasons your company is unique. More importantly, they need to understand how these unique features will benefit them. Because at the end of the day, all the consumer cares about is how your product will benefit them.

For instance, suppose you manage a business that makes team uniforms for youth sports leagues. Maybe you are the only uniform design company that prints and sews the uniforms in-house. You could let the customers know that since you do all the work yourself, you’re able to pass the savings on to them and directly oversee the quality of the uniform.

Or, maybe you run a jewelry store. If you have a designer on location, you could differentiate yourself by telling your customers you’re the only store that can custom design pieces instantly. This saves them money, and allows more flexibility in the design of their jewelry.

So, spend some time this week identifying what really differentiates your company from the others. Then, incorporate that into your website copy. You’ll truly begin to convince visitors that you’re worth their business.



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