How to Get More Subscribers to Your Podcast

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A few weeks ago, I wrote a post detailing the reasons you should start podcasting. Assuming you’ve all heeded my advice, I’m now going to address one of the most common podcasting roadblocks: Getting more subscribers. After all, if nobody is listening to your podcast, what’s the point?

1.    Study your stats—
With FeedBurner or another similar program, track the statistics of your podcast listeners. Take note of what time of day people download your podcast, what download speed they have (dial-up or broadband), which episodes are most popular, and other important statistics. Then, based on all of this information, you can figure out who you need to cater to as well as what is and isn’t working.

2.    Stay consistent—Just like blogging, podcasting requires consistency to be effective. You can’t just throw a podcast up one day and then wait 5 weeks to add another one. Create a podcasting schedule, and stick to it. Not only does this help your listeners know exactly when to expect your podcast, but it also shows them that you take your podcast seriously.

3.    Provide quality content—If your content sucks, people won’t listen to your podcast. That’s all there is to it. So, make sure you take the time to properly plan out your podcast to provide the best content possible. Keep your content relevant, and offer your unique opinion on topics as that will set you apart from the competition. I hate to repeat this overused phrase, but “content is king.”

4.    Promote your podcast—Listeners aren’t going to magically come to your podcast. You have to reach out to them by promoting it. You can promote through social networks, blogging, press releases, newsletters, print advertising, and more. Make sure it’s fast and simple to subscribe to your podcast. Place subscribe badges on your blog and website.

5.    Add it to iTunes—All of the top podcasters are available on iTunes. You should be too. Read Apple’s requirements for creating and submitting a podcast to iTunes.

6.    Build relationships with other podcasters—What better way to get new podcast listeners than to promote your podcast on other popular podcasts? Interview other podcasters in your niche on your show. Also, try to get yourself interviewed on other podcasters where potential listeners might be.  Create a short promo for your podcast that can be played on other shows as well. It’s all about networking.

Do you have a podcast? How do you get more subscribers?

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How to Get More Subscribers to Your Podcast, 2.5 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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