But wait, there’s more…(or how to create an irresistible offer)

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Image credit:www.sptimes.com

Image credit:www.sptimes.com

By now, you probably already know that the great TV pitchman Billy Mays passed away on Sunday. Regardless of whether you liked his style or not, the bottom line is the man was very effective at selling products. One of the ways he generated so many sales was by making an offer that customers simply couldn’t refuse.

So, in honor of the late, great Billy Mays, I want to talk today about how to create an irresistible offer.

Step #1: Demonstrate the value of your product

Before you can even think about making an offer, you have to show customers the value of your product. That’s one of the things Billy Mays did so well. He showed how you could pull an 18-wheeler with Mighty Putty. He demonstrated how the Dual Saw could cut an entire car in half. And he never fell into the trap of pitching cheap products he didn’t believe in.

The lesson here: find a grand, effective way to demonstrate exactly what your products or services can do. It doesn’t have to be over the top and gimmicky, but it does have to clearly let the customers know just how valuable your product is.

Step #2: It’s about value…not price

When you hear the word “value,” you probably think of dirt cheap prices. But value and low prices are not always one and the same. Value is about getting good bang for your buck…no matter what the price. That’s why you have to do a great job in the first step of demonstrating the value of your product. Remember, customers are always willing to pay for a quality product.

One way to add value to an offer is to include bonus products or services. For instance, on one recent infomercial for a GPS holder, the offer included a charger that plugs the GPS into the cigarette lighter. The charger itself probably cost very little to make, but it makes the offer that much more appealing.

Including a free e-book or additional complementary services is more than enough to sweeten the deal for your customers.

Step #3: Eliminate the risk

Going back to the infomercials theme, it’s a well known fact that a lot of the products being pitched on these commercials are crap. Yet people still rush to buy them. Why? Because they often feel like they have nothing to lose. See direct response marketers know that eliminating risk is the key to attracting customers and convincing the skeptics. That’s why they offer money back guarantees and try-it-now-pay-for-it-later options.

The easiest way you can eliminate risk is just to offer an ironclad money back guarantee. Make sure your customer has enough time to truly try your product or services, and don’t put a bunch of restrictions on your guarantee because that just defeats the whole purpose.

Step #4: Give reason to act now

If you want people to take action, you need to give them a reason to act right now. Otherwise, they’ll wait around so they can think about it, and they might end up never coming back. Remember, buying is an emotional decision. Again, that’s why infomercials are so effective. How many times have you seen the “Call within the next 10 minutes to double your order for free” trick? Guess what? They wouldn’t be using that call to action if it didn’t produce results.

While you might think limited time offers are desperate or gimmicky, the simple truth is they work. They play into the emotional aspect of buying, and they give customers that extra motivation to take action.

What steps do you take to create an irresistible offer?

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