7 Killer Email Marketing Subject Line Tips

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In email marketing, the subject line is the most important part of your message. Without a killer subject line, your recipients will probably never even open your email. Worse yet, a really bad subject line could land you in the spam folder.

So, knowing that the main the objective of your subject line is to get the reader to open the email, here are some tips to help you create click-worthy subjects.

1.    Avoid spammy words—Here are a few words and phrases to avoid: free, sale, get paid, serious cash, make millions. Basically, anything that could be construed as gimmicky, keep it out of your subject line.

2.    Keep it short—You want to keep your email marketing subject line short for a couple of reasons. First, long headlines get cut off by the email carrier, so your recipient won’t see the whole thing anyway. Second, studies show that online users tend to only read the first couple of words in subject lines. So, get to the point. Keep your subject line under 50 characters.

3.    Be relevant to the message inside—Your subject line should let the reader know exactly what to expect inside the email. Be descriptive. For instance, “Exclusive interview with Madonna” is better than “June Music Newsletter.” Of course, make sure you keep the promise of your headline inside the email.

4.    Make it personal—Personalizing your subject line is great way to increase clicks. It can be as simple as using the word “you.” Or, if you’re sending it to a particular group of people, name them. For instance, “Affiliates—Increase your leads by 300%” works because it directly addresses the target audience: affiliate marketers.

5.    Create sense of urgency—You need to make readers feel as if they have to open your email right this second. Going back to the last example, your subject could be something along the lines of “Affiliates—Get 25% More Commission –Today Only.”

6.    Avoid excessive punctuation—Subject lines that are full of exclamation points reek of spam. It’s one of the biggest copywriting mistakes I see; people think that adding exclamation points automatically makes something seem more important. What it really does is make it feel falsely hyped and spammy.

7.    Never stop testing—The only way to find out which subject line formula works best for your needs is to keep testing different variations. Try several different headlines within the same email marketing campaign, and track the results for each. Remember, practice makes perfect.

How do you create great subject lines for your email marketing?

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