4 Signs You Have a Bad Web Host

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I just came to a realization. This is the SEO Hosting blog, yet we almost never talk about web hosting. The truth is your web host plays a huge role in helping you build your online presence. If your website is always down, you could lose out on potential customers, and it could even cause the search engines to have problems crawling your content. Additionally, if your website loads slowly, it may possibly cause your search rankings to drop.

Simply put, you need to make sure you have a quality web host that can help you grow a successful online presence. Here are some signs of a bad web host. If your see these characteristics in your host, RUN!!!

1. Your website is down on a frequent basis. When your website is down, you can’t make sales online. It’s just that simple. Every minute your site is down is money that you could be losing. While a lot of hosting companies will promise a certain percentage of uptime, it’s hard to gauge which ones really live up to their claims. Your best bet is to find one that actually guarantees 99% or more uptime and that has a proven track record of satisfying their customers.

2. You can’t get in touch with customer service. You want to know how some companies are able to offer ridiculously cheap hosting? They do it by cutting their customer service. They either outsource their service or reduce the number of hours it’s available. Unfortunately, your website is a 24/7 store, and if it goes down, you need to get it back up no matter what time day or night it is. Make sure you choose a hosting company that offers 24/7 customer support.

3. Your website takes too long to load. Load time is important for a couple of key reasons. First, the average visitor gives a new website 8 seconds to grab his interest. If your website takes too long to load, visitors will back out before even seeing your content. Also, load time seems to play a role in determining your website’s search engine placement. A quality web host can help your site load faster.

4. Your website keeps getting hacked.Most people look at uptime and bandwidth when choosing their host. However, they overlook the importance of security. A web host with poor security could leave your website and personal information at risk. Make sure your hosting company uses the latest security technology to help keep your website safe.

Who is your web host? Are you happy with their services?

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4 Signs You Have a Bad Web Host, 3.4 out of 5 based on 4 ratings
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