How To Remove Windows Police Pro?

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You might be wondering what Windows Police Pro is and secondly, you might be wondering how to properly remove it. There’s been a lot of talk about the mass spread of this virus and I want to provide some information about it because this virus ultimately might effect you.

First off, Windows Police Pro isn’t a program that you want to use towards protecting your computer operating system, specifically Windows. Windows Police Pro isn’t affiliate with Microsoft Corp. however, their site and software is designed to look like a Microsoft security tool, as shown in the example below:

How To Remove Windows Police Pro

Windows Police Pro is a malware program that can infect your computer and then pretend to scan your drives for viruses. The program will then inform you that your computer has a virus and it will then prompt you to purchase the full version of the software for removal of any viruses.

The program is initiated when users visit infected websites. A pop up window will inform the user that their computer has an infection and as soon as the user clicks “Ok” a fake scan will begin. A quick way to stop the process is to press Start + R, type “taskmgr” and press enter. From there, search the processes for “Windows Police Pro.exe” and select End Process.

Additionally, if you have Windows Police Pro Virus installed on your system, you’ll need to remove the files from your computer and entries from your registry. You can learn more the complete removal on Windows Police Pro by reading this article and this one too. Keep in mind, I did NOT use their “Free Scanner Download” and I do not recommend using it yourself. Simply read the articles if your computer is infected with Windows Police Pro and follow the removal steps.

If you notice that your website is infected with this virus, it is important to contact your host provider immediately. Failing to remove this virus from your server will eventually lead Google and other search engines to remove your site from their index. This, of course, could cost you your rankings and put a drastic damper on your traffic.

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