Blogger’s 10th Birthday Comes With Free Birthday Presents

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Today marks Blogger’s 10th year being online and to commemorate the moment,  birthday presents are being released  as a way to show gratitude to the number of people who have used Blogger. Back when Google acquired Blogger in 2003, the site had around 250,000 visitors per month. Today that number has jumped to over 300 million. You can check Blogger Buzz for the full list of Birthday Presents. I’ll talk more about my favorite Birthday Present below.

Screenshot of BlogPress Lite

Of all birthday presents available, the gift that interests me the most is the new and free Blogger App for the iPhone called BlogPress Lite. The full version of BlogPress has been around for some time, but it isn’t free. Not that I am opposed to spending money on an iPhone App, it’s just nice to see free things for the iPhone. BlogPress Lite was created to celebrate Blogger’s 10th Birthday.

BlogPress Lite will be available soon for free download; however, if you want the full version, which works for WordPress, TypePad, Blogger and more, the cost is only $2.99. I think BlogPress is very capable software and is also a must for mobile bloggers such as myself. In the near future, I’ll provide a complete write up on BlogPress, including BlogPress Lite.

Blogger has grown a lot over the last 10 years. Here is a screenshot of Blogger taken by the WaybackMachine on October 12th, 1999.

Screen shot of Blogger back in 1999

Even back in 1999, Blogger’s purpose remained the same as what it is today. Blogger then and today is an automated weblog publishing tool that allows users to make posts to your weblog by submitting data through an online form that gets published onto webpages. Also, since the beginning, Blogger has been free to use and still remains free to this day. Here is a screenshot of the current version of Blogger seen today.

Screenshot of Blogger in 2009

A lot has changed over the last ten years. In fact, there are many new features that I wasn’t aware of myself. For instance, I was aware that you could use domain names on, but the last I checked, users had to pay for their own third-party web hosting. Today that is not the case. Users who want to use can pay for their own domain name and Blogger will provide free web hosting. Many more experienced bloggers such as myself tend to steer away from using But, I have to reconsider this because Blogger always had very decent SEO capabilities and today their default or standard templates come with AdSense monetization built in.

To be quite honest, I haven’t used in years. I have been very fond of self-hosted WordPress. But, I have to admit, Blogger looks very appealing. Especially, after discovering that they provide free domain name web hosting. All that is now needed from me is about $10 dollars and from there, I can have all the tools needed to run and maintain a professional and search engine friendly blog. I very well might start using Blogger again.

That said, I do want to wish Blogger a Happy 10th Birthday and congratulate Google on a wonderful acquisition. I think purchasing was one of their smartest moves. Even a few years ago when I toyed around with Blogger, I thought the services were cool. Today, things are ten times better.

Blogger VS WordPress: If you’re a WordPress user, when was the last time you logged into Blogger? Do you think you might start using Blogger again? If you’re currently a Blogger user, what are some things that you feel that WordPress lacks? Ultimately, which do you think is the better, Blogger or WordPress? And, why? Look forward to reading your comments.

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