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Second Place is Truly The First Loser

My head literally had only hit the pillow for about 30 seconds before I re-realized this thought again. Second place is truly the first loser. And I came to realize that more than ever just a few moments ago. My … Continue reading

How To Communicate SEO To Your Web Developer

“I don’t want to talk about SEO. I don’t believe in it!” claim some web developers when approached about the ever-popular subject. However, you know otherwise. You need to convince your web developer of SEO importance. What is the best … Continue reading

Some Things to Know About Developing a Traffic Worthy Site

Developing a highly visited website, a “traffic worthy site”, is essential for your web site’s success. While developing the site, however, you need to keep in mind that not only is your site going to be seen by the human … Continue reading

SEO Essentials: Keywords in Title Tags

There are many factors that go into good SEO, but probably one of the most important things you can do is create good titles. Not only are you doing this to help search engines find the topic of your page … Continue reading

Keyword Research to Increase Revenue

Increase Your Online Revenue with Keyword Research Every day many website owners and managers face a dilemma – which keywords should they use in their website copywriting? The choice is not so much one of style but one of substance: … Continue reading