What to do When an Angry Facebook Fan Attacks

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Facebook is a great way for companies to stay connected with their customers, build stronger relationships, increase their visibility, and improve their customer service. Of course, like every relationship, customer relationships can occasionally hit rocky patches, leading to anger and resentment. In the world of Facebook, this could lead to angry customers posting harsh things on your Wall.

So, what can you do when an angry Facebook fan attacks?


  • Always respond quickly—You can’t ignore a post from an angry fan. It will only make them even more upset. You have to respond, and you have to do so in a timely manner. As soon as a complaint is posted to your Wall, try to respond to the customer to let them know you’re sorry for any problems they might be facing and that you want to resolve things.
  • Don’t get overly defensive—You’re close to your products, services, employees, etc. So, it’s only natural to get a little defensive when a customer attacks, but you have to take a step back and try to see things through that customer’s eyes. Never be defensive. It makes you look petty, guilty, and unsympathetic.
  • Take the conversation out of the public eye—Don’t go back and forth with the customer right there on your Facebook Wall for everyone to see. Let the customer know that you’ll be sending them a private message so you can work things out.
  • After resolution, consider asking for post removal—If you’re able to come to a peaceful resolution with the customer, you can consider asking them privately if they would be willing to remove their initial angry Wall post now that everything is okay. In most cases, the customer will oblige.
  • If post isn’t removed, respond positively about the resolution—If the customer doesn’t remove the post or you’re just not comfortable asking for them to do so, you need to at least respond publicly on the post saying that you’re happy you were able to come to a good resolution. This shows the public that you take all complaints seriously and are committed to keeping customers happy.


Have you ever had an angry Facebook fan post on your wall? How’d you handle it?

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What to do When an Angry Facebook Fan Attacks, 3.8 out of 5 based on 2 ratings
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