What is a Social Media News Release?

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As social media becomes more and more entwined with daily life, it continues to change how we do business at virtually all levels. Most importantly, it has redefined marketing as we know it, and created an entire new segment of jobs (yes, I’m talking about you, guy running your company’s Twitter and Facebook accounts). Case in point—look what it’s done to press releases. What was once arguably the most bland part of a copywriter’s job, composing a third person release with the facts and nothing but the facts, has transformed into something a whole lot more complex. I’m talking about the social media news release.

Is There a Big Difference Between a Social Media News Release and a Traditional Press Release?

You betcha. Sure, they both provide breaking news, but the similarities pretty much stop there. Think of the difference between the two as the difference between the average guy working out at the gym and the meathead on steroids who can bench press your entire family. The social media news release is the meathead, with bulging biceps, protruding veins, and all.

Thought up by the brain of SHIFT Communications principal, Todd Defren, the social media release is built to appeal to and attract media reps online. It takes into account all social media-related tools at their disposal, and is put together in an easy-to-read, web-friendly format.

Beginning with a title and single sentence summary like a traditional release, it breaks the mold with things like:

  • Eye catching photos.
  • Bullet point facts to get right to the point, rather than long paragraphs that require reporters to dig for information.
  • Links to social media accounts, information sources, and company blogs.
  • Embed buttons to allow people to easily share your release.
  • YouTube videos embedded for quick viewing.

Are There Any Cons to a Social Media News Release?

The way I see it, the only negative here is that the social media release fails to replace the traditional release. Why? Because:

  • To get all the press you want, you still need to reach out to traditional outlets. So for example, if you want to get coverage in your local newspaper, you need to send them a regular release.
  • Many press release sites will only take traditional releases. So to get seen there, and to get those links, you have to compose a standard release for submission.

But the negatives stop there. Other than those, composing a social media news release can only increase your exposure. And that’s exactly what you need for your business, right?

Do you use social media news releases? Or do you stick with the traditional? 



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