It’s All About Your Network – Part 3: Managing Your Network

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We’ve talked a little about the sizes of social media networks in Part One and the types of social media networks in Part Two, so now we’ll take a look at some tools that can make managing your social media empire a little easier. You know about the types of social networks and why they’re important, so here are some must-have tools to keep you profiting from your social media experience.


TweetMeme – If you’re looking for an easy way to see “what’s hot” on Twitter, this website will easily show you what’s popular amongst Twitterers all over the world. This can be really useful information for a lot of reason. Unlike Google Trends and some other websites, Twitter usually allows for a feeling of the pulse of the world “right now” not a few hours ago. If you’re ready to tap into the interests of the world at the moment, this online tool is going to help you.

BackType – This is a really useful online tool that will let you “follow” your comments on multiple social media sites easily. From Blogger to WordPress to Friendster to Myspace and more, BackType will let you follow comments tied to a keyword or phrase as well. Want to know when your company is mentioned in a comment? No problem.

TweetDeck – While this is still in ‘beta,’ that isn’t necessarily a bad thing in today’s world. This tool allows you to do a lot more with Twitter – which is quickly gaining relevance as one of the main “titanic” social media networks. From creating Twitter groups to previewing those sometimes annoying (but necessary) ‘short URLs,’ TweetDeck can make your Twitter life a lot easier.

TwitterFeed – This online tool for Twitter isn’t going to be good for all situations, but for large networks that aren’t very personal – your marketing arms in the social media world – this can be very useful. Basically, it takes your RSS feeds and turns them into separate tweets automatically. This type of Twittering isn’t always that successful, but it can work in certain situations.

Trackur – YASNT (Yet Another Social Network Tracker), Trackur is a slick looking tool that allows you to track any buzz about your brand (or any topic you want to follow.) This can be a very useful way to look far and wide on a lot of various social media networks to make sure you’re taking part in conversations about yourself and your websites.

This is just a small list of online tools available for social media networks. There are many more out there, but sometimes it’s good to get the ball rolling and let the community on a website fill in the blanks and make it an even better resource. With that in mind, feel free to leave your favorites as a comment below.

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