How to Avoid Being a Pain in the (fill in the blank) Social Media Marketer

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While social media marketing has opened up an abundance of new ways to promote your content and your business, it’s also paved the way for some of the biggest pains in the butt since telemarketers. We’ve all come across the bothersome social media marketer, and we all hate him.

So, what can you do to avoid becoming that guy? It’s really not that hard.

Step #1—Get to know your connections

Look, it’s called “social media” for a reason. The key word here is “social.” In light of this, you should focus on actually building relationships with your connections. The more you get to know each other, the likelier it is that they’ll be willing to go the extra mile to help you push your content.
If you don’t ever take the time to get to know the people in your network, you’ll come off as a selfish pest who only messages whenever he needs a Digg. It’s like that “friend” we all have who only calls whenever he needs some cash to get him out of a tough situation. If you want to reap the benefits of having a strong network, you need to put the time into cultivating your relationships.

Step #2—Don’t just Tweet your own content

I’m all for people using Twitter however they see fit, but if you only Tweet your own content, everyone will see you for the shameless self-promoter that you are. Very quickly, they’ll begin ignoring your Tweets, and eventually, they’ll stop following you. There’s nothing wrong with Tweeting links to your own content, but for it to be effective, you need to also drop links to other useful content. Think of it as enhancing the user-experience for your followers.

Step #3—Don’t message people with a busy status asking for a Digg

I get instant messages all day from various friends who are social media promoters. If I have the time, I’ll always help them out. However, what really irks me is when I have my messenger set to busy status, and I still get messages from people trying to get me to upvote their content. Aside from being annoying, I find it to be disrespectful as it shows the person obviously doesn’t care if I’m busy or not. Now, I realize this message is coming from someone who is probably mass messaging everyone on his list, but that just underscores how being impersonal can damage the effectiveness of your social media marketing.

Step #4—Give if you want to receive

As I said earlier, I always help my friends promote their content when I have the time. In return, I expect the same from them. You can’t be successful at promoting through social media if you never give and only expect to receive. In fact, I’d go as far as to say it’s equally proportionate to each other—you have to give as much as you expect to receive. So, if you’re constantly sending out messages asking for votes, you’d better be constantly helping others vote up their content as well.

Step #5—Realize that not every post is worthy of hitting the front page

As nice as it’d be to have every piece of content I write go viral, I know that’s just not realistic. I wish some of my social media marketing friends realized this too. NOT EVERY POST YOU WRITE IS WORTHY OF HITTING THE FRONT PAGE OF DIGG, REDDIT, MIXX, ETC. So, don’t promote every piece you write that aggressively. Otherwise, when the time comes that you really do have a good piece on linkbait on your hands, your connections won’t help you out because they’ve already tuned you out. Save your big guns for when you really need them.

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How to Avoid Being a Pain in the (fill in the blank) Social Media Marketer, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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