5 Ways Using LinkedIn Can Help Your Search Marketing Efforts

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The simple truth is on site optimization just isn’t enough these days. While having keyword rich web content with great title tags is certainly still important, there are more things you need to do to build your online presence.

Social networking is becoming an increasingly popular facet of effective online marketing campaigns. In the past, I’ve discussed how to use Twitter to improve your company’s online presence. Now, I want to discuss how using LinkedIn can help you get more out of your search marketing efforts.

Here are 5 ways LinkedIn can help your company online.

  1. Dominate the Rankings- One good thing about creating a LinkedIn account is that social networking profiles tend to rank very well in the search engines. Why is this important? Since customers are more cautious when shopping online, they often conduct research on companies before buying from them. When they go to search for your company in Google, your social networking profiles, like LinkedIn, can help control what they see. Since most users don’t go past the first page of results, this ability for your LinkedIn profile to rank well is incredibly important.
  2. Build Trust- Another way LinkedIn can aid in your online marketing efforts is by building trust with potential consumers. On your LinkedIn profile, there is a section where you can receive referrals from those you’ve worked with in the past. Testimonials are great sales tools. They put any potential worries at ease by showing the confidence some of your real life customers have in your brand. Trust is the key to building your online presence and sales.
  3. Earn Back Links- The importance of building back links has been exhausted. However, it really can’t be overstated. LinkedIn is a particularly good resource for adding a quality back link to your website. Not only is this important for building trust with the search engines, but since the profiles tend to rank so well, people may discover your company website through your LinkedIn profile.
  4. Make New Connections- Social networking is all about, well, networking. You can build up quality connections for your business through LinkedIn. And through those connections, you can build more connections. Whether you use these connections to get referrals or simply to build your reputation as a leading authority in your industry, the point is connecting with others is helpful to your search marketing campaign.
  5. Enhance Your Brand- Great brands are built through consistency. Consistency in theme, tone, design, and copywriting all help separate your company from its competitors. That’s why social networking is such a great tool. You can build many unique profiles that deliver the theme and message of your brand. Soon, internet users will see your avatar or a slogan and they will immediately associate it with your brand. Make LinkedIn another facet of your online brand building campaign.


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