5 Tips for Success Scheduling Your Tweets

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Scheduling your Tweets can be an efficient way to maintain and grow your Twitter presence without devoting a chunk of time out of every day to creating new content. But there’s more to being successful with scheduling your Tweets than just writing a bunch of posts in advance, scheduling them to publish, and forgetting about them. If you want to have success with this tactic, you need to follow these important tips.


  1. Schedule Tweets based on evergreen content—When you schedule your Tweets in advance, you have to make sure they’ll still be relevant and useful by the time they go live. That’s why it’s a good idea to only schedule evergreen content—content that is always relevant and helpful. Examples of good evergreen content include famous quotes related to your niche, tried and true tips, and links to popular posts from your blog archive.
  2. Space them out accordingly—When I schedule my Tweets (admittedly, I’ve been slacking lately), I like to space them out so that a few of them publish at various times throughout the day. This ensures that I hit followers with new posts at different times, helping me reach more people than if I scheduled them all to post at the same time. It also looks more natural this way.
  3. Monitor responses to your scheduled Tweets—Make sure you pay attention to any responses or ReTweets that you might receive to your scheduled posts. I have my Twitter setup to shoot me an email anytime someone replies to me, ensuring I’m always in the loop and can quickly jump in the conversation.
  4. Take time to interact with followers on a regular basis—Twitter (and all social media) is all about interaction. You can’t just set a bunch of posts to publish and walk away. You still need to put in the time to interact with your followers and build relationships. This means setting aside time to occasionally reply to interesting Tweets, do some ReTweeting, and engage your followers in other ways.
  5. Mix in fresh, relevant Tweets, too—Show your followers that you’re always up to date by mixing in fresh, relevant Tweets, such as links to new stories, thoughts on current events, and live Tweets about the things you’re doing right now. This provides a good balance of content, keeping you relevant.


Do you schedule your Tweets? Why or why not?

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5 Tips for Success Scheduling Your Tweets, 3.5 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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