5 Signs You’re a Social Media Spammer

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I’ve always believed that there’s no one right way to use social media. Use it however you want, and if your followers respond well, then keep doing whatever works for you. However, I do believe there are wrong ways to use social media. In particular, being a spammer is a wrong way to use social media.

Unfortunately, some people don’t even realize they’re social media spammers. They genuinely think they’re doing a good job of connecting with their target audience and building their brand.

So, how can you tell if you’re a social media spammer? Here are 5 warning signs.


  1. Everything you post is self-promotional—Take a look back at the last 10 things you posted. Of those, how many of them are self-promotional in nature? If everything you post is basically an ad for your products or services, you’re going to have a hard time building any meaningful relationships with your audience. Instead, everyone is going to view you as a social media spammer.
  2. All links that you share point back to your website—Sharing useful, entertaining links is always a good idea. It’s also okay to share links to your blog and various pages on your website. However, not every link you post should be pointed back to your website. There’s great content all over the web. Find interesting content on other websites, and share that too.
  3. You have multiple profiles on each social media site—Are you one of those people who has 5 different Twitter profiles, all Tweeting out content promoting your company? If so, you’re probably a social media spammer.
  4. You use a program to autofollow others—You see this a lot on Twitter. People use certain programs that connect to their profile and automatically start following people. You can always spot these spammers because they’ll be following tens of thousands of people. They’ve convinced themselves that quantity is more important than quality when it comes to networking.
  5. There’s no real interaction—Social media is based on interaction. Whether you’re on Twitter, Facebook, your blog, or any other social media outlet, the whole point is to interact with others. You build relationships by having meaningful interaction and great conversations. If there’s no true interaction taking place, you’re probably a spammer.


What are some other signs that one might be a social media spammer?

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