4 Good Reasons Your Company Should Have A Social Media Policy

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By now, there’s a pretty good chance your company has built an active social media presence. Whether your company is now Tweeting, interacting on Facebook, blogging, or doing anything else social, it’s a good idea to have a policy in place to create standards for how social media will be used within your company.

Why is it so important to create a corporate social media policy? Here are 4 good reasons.

  1. Prevent a PR nightmare—It seems like a week doesn’t go by that a company, celebrity, or some other recognizable entity doesn’t get in trouble because of something they said through social media. Social media is a loaded gun that’s just waiting to go off. The fact that it’s fast-paced, real-time, and built on authenticity is good but also dangerous. It can lead to someone saying something they’ll later regret, causing a huge PR crisis for your company.
  2. Ensure all employees know your expectations—Never just assume your employees know how best to represent your brand on social media. Education is the key to preventing mistakes. By creating a standardized way to use these social media tools, you help ensure that everyone represents your brand as best as possible.
  3. Keep your company out of legal troubles—Did you know that what you say via social media could actually land your company in legal trouble? For example, Courtney Love was recently sued by a fashion designer for defamation over Twitter. Likewise, if an employee unknowingly releases information that was protected by a non-disclosure agreement, your company could get sued.
  4. Protect sensitive company information—What if your employees accidentally Tweet about your company’s future plans and products before you wanted the public to know about it? What if they post other sensitive company information that could be helpful to the competition? A good social media policy will help prevent such things from occurring.

Does your company have a social media policy? Has it helped?

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4 Good Reasons Your Company Should Have A Social Media Policy, 0.5 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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