15 Twitter Content Ideas for Businesses

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If you want to gain a loyal, beneficial following on Twitter, you’re going to have to provide your followers with great content. I’m as tired of the old saying as you are, but “content is king” still remains true.

Don’t treat Twitter as a medium for constant self-promotion. Marketing yourself and your business is okay in small doses, but the bulk of the content you create should be about engaging visitors and providing them with useful content.

With that in mind, here are 15 great Twitter content ideas businesses from all industries can use.


  1. Tweet links to new posts as they go live on your blog
  2. Tweet links to other blog posts in your industry that you find interesting or useful
  3. Ask for opinions on industry trends and news
  4. Share famous quotes that have to do with your industry
  5. Respond to questions and comments from your followers
  6. Share an update on what you or your staff are doing right now
  7. Offer helpful tips related to your niche
  8. Share links to cool stuff going on in your community
  9. Get behind a cause
  10. ReTweet interesting things you come across in your feed
  11. Share interesting pictures of you and your staff
  12. Promote others
  13. Discuss any industry events you attend
  14. Share fun, entertaining videos
  15. Highlight your employees’ cool, personal stories


That should give you plenty of fodder for creating new, engaging Tweets. Do you have any more of your own content ideas? Share them by leaving a comment below.

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