The Relationship Between Search Engines, Optimization and Web Design

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The basis of good web design is also often what makes search engine optimization effective in the ability of the search engine spiders to index web pages.

Follow the Industry Leader
When you are dealing with Google it is important to remember their primary goal is to help the search engine user. Since Google’s search engine is the leader in the search engine industry the other major search engines will follow their lead. When designing your website you want to make the website easy to navigate. Use optimization code that makes sense to the website visitor when they see it used in text on the page and in the title tag.

Optimization Text That Makes Sense
A good way to be sure your website works for your visitors is to read the text aloud after adding in your search engine optimization code. If it sounds stilted start rewriting. Have someone else read over your copy to be sure the optimization words you have added make sense and reads well to the typical website user. You need to capture your audience when they first visit your website. Give them a reason to stay once they arrive.

Inform Your Vistors
If the optimized tags and keyword text benefit the content of the text on the page, being informative on the information or products of the website, it is also beneficial to the human visitor. In this sense search engine robots “read” legitimate text and legitimate tags which help explain the content of the page not only to the human visitor but to the search engine robots as well.

Ease of Website Navigation
You want to have a search engine friendly design focusing on the navigational system you have in place for the website. Having a sitemap in place is helpful especially for those deeper pages of the website that may not be easily accessed by the on page navigation. Search engine spiders need to find those deep page links and you certainly want them to find the links on a page! Human visitors are able to pull down drop down menus or understand the intent of a graphic to travel through the website. As important as this is you must also include methods to make your website search engine friendly. Search engine spiders cannot push a button or use pull down menus. Some robots have difficulty with JavaScript menus. Make sure a sitemap is in place, and easily followed text navigation or graphic navigation is available so your web pages may be able to be followed by the bots. Ideally text navigation should be available with the added advantage of keyword anchor text but there are times design prohibits this choice. By providing easy to use navigation for humans and spiders you increase your chance at visitor retention and maximum indexing of your web page content.

Good Web Design Really Can Get Along With Quality Optimization
Not everyone is an SEO Copywriter. It can be difficult to tie in your search engine optimization text and the intent of the web page for the human visitor. Get creative and always keep in mind your website visitor. Well selected keywords should reflect what the web page is about. Enhance what is already on the page whenever possible. Marketing lingo may be great but sometimes you need to think about a wider audience. Knowing your target audience well will help you find your voice in your design of the website and your search engine optimization copy.

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The Relationship Between Search Engines, Optimization and Web Design , 2.8 out of 5 based on 2 ratings
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