Part of a Successful SEO Strategy Is Just Being Natural

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Google and other search engines factor in that many sites online today are produced and published by people who don’t have all that much experience with the Internet, optimizing for search engines, HTML and things of that nature. Over the years, technology has made it possible for anyone with any skill level to create a web page, web site or even a blog. Quite honestly, things are much easier today for people who want to have a web site compared to say 5 to 10 years ago.

While there are quite a few people who are indeed SEO gurus, it seems also that there are sites created by very entry level Internet publishers. With the entry level publishers I have actually seen many times that their pages and posts rank very well in the search engines but also go completely against the grain of what most all experienced SEOs would advice or even put into their own practice.

Some times a great SEO strategy is to just do nothing. This might sound silly, but really, search engines have no choice but to compensate for mistakes in HTML and other forms of coding. Furthermore, search engines have to compensate for spelling and other forms of grammar errors. What I mean to say by doing nothing, is really more less in your site building. While I’ll admit, it indeed is important to have a search engine friendly web site or blog, I often question how effective it is for an individual publisher to invest tons of time and money into making sure that every single element in SEO strategy is performed.

If search engines such as Google were to hold to true to the common SEO techniques that many of the more experienced professionals use, then the result be that these search engines would have a very low volume of listings in their index. Search engines have to assume that there is a large percentage of publishers who are not expert coders and programmers. Otherwise, their index of data would be very very low.

What does that mean for you? Granted, if you are reading this, it is very likely that you are pretty keen on search engines or at a minimum have at least a basic understanding of search engines, how they work and possibly how to get listed in them. SEO professionals really tend to complicate things. This always puzzles me as I can see time and time again situations where non-SEO’ed sites get ranked very well in the search engines.

Amazingly, the sites that I see that do very well are sites that are authored or owned by people who don’t even know what the term search engine optimization means. These level of publishers just focus on what is important to them and their visit visitors and that is the content.

If you are conscious of your SEO and how well your web site and individual pages rank in the search engines, I would suggest that you focus more on your writing. The content within a page has the highest potential to be SEO’ed rather than the actual coding of the page. Google is very forgiven on design and coding efforts. Google is in it for the content and their bots do a pretty decent job at finding content. If it was any other way, then Google and other search engines would have a very difficult time archiving informaiton for their database.

So really, in my opinion, one of the best SEO strategies starts with the content you write. From there you can or should worry about proper coding, HTML, tagging and things like that. The foundation of everything you do online starts with the content. If you don’t have good content on your pages to work from, then you have really no hope with a successful organic search engine ranking campaign.

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