How to Write AdWords Copy that Makes Buyers Click

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Most conversations about writing AdWords copy begin and end with “targeting the right keywords.” But writing effective AdWords copy involves much more than carefully stuffing keywords. Remember, keywords are the gateway to bringing targeted traffic; compelling copy is what makes potential customers click and buy.

Here are some tips for writing AdWords copy that makes buyers click.

  • Focus on the Main Benefit—Benefits. They should be the main focus of any copy. In your AdWords copy, you should focus just on one benefit. Trying to do too much will distract from the main message, and it will confuse searchers. Use a clear benefit like, “Lose 20 pounds in 30 days.” The more specific you can be in your benefit, the better.
  • Create Click-Worthy Call to Action—The call to action in your AdWords copy needs to basically force searchers to click your ads. Use strong, proven action words in your copy like free, save, and buy as well as time-sensitive words like today and now. Avoid stale phrases like “find out more.” Your call to action needs to give potential consumers the sense they need to click on your ad and take action now. An example of an effective call to action for AdWords copy is “Get your Free consultation today in under 10 minutes.”
  • Don’t Mimic the Competition—The biggest mistake I see in all copywriting formats is the “me too” content. Too many companies are content with just mimicking their competitors. They figure if it works for the competition, it’ll work for them. But think of it from a searcher’s perspective. If the searcher sees 4 paid advertising results with similar copy, what reason do they have to click your ad instead of one of your competitors? You need to separate yourself from the competition and give searchers the sense that you really are different.
  • Unify Copy with Landing Page—When it comes to writing AdWords copy, unity is key. For example, if your AdWords copy uses the benefit “Lose 20 pounds in 30 days,” your landing page copy needs to be based around this theme. The last thing you want to do is make a promise in your ad copy that you don’t deliver on in your landing page.
  • Include Relevant Keywords—Of course, keywords are an integral part of your AdWords campaign. But like all search engine friendly copy, the key is to seamlessly implement your keywords in your ad copy. Don’t just stuff keywords into your AdWords copy. Instead, use them only in a way that makes sense. Include them in your title, ad copy, and url if possible. Remember, the keywords in paid ads are bolded, so they help your ad stand out.
  • Never Stop Testing—It’s the final piece of the puzzle: testing. Your ultimate goal with your AdWords campaign is to maximize your conversion rate. You need to routinely tweak your AdWords copy with the goal of steadily increasing conversions. If a tweak doesn’t work, go back to what was working. Keep playing with different copy combinations until you achieve the highest conversion rate possible.

Which tips would you add to this list? Share them in the replies.

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How to Write AdWords Copy that Makes Buyers Click, 4.5 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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