Have You Heard of Raven SEO Tools

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Since you are reading this blog, I would guess that it’s safe to assume that your feed reader is filled with at least a couple of SEO blogs. Because of this, you have probably read about plenty of the SEO tools that are out there. I have written posts before that profile different SEO tools, and so have plenty of other SEO bloggers.

Normally, I wouldn’t devote an entire post to just one SEO tool. However, it wasn’t until recently that the tool I’m going to discuss today came across my radar. The reason that this surprised me is because it looks like an extremely useful tool, and it surprised me that I haven’t seen more SEO bloggers talking about it.

The SEO tool that I want to talk about is Raven SEO Tools. The reason that I like this tool so much is that it makes so many of the common SEO tasks more efficient. Obviously, SEO isn’t something that you can fully automate (unless you are foolish enough to think that SEO is nothing more than doing a bunch of automated directory submissions), but with a tool like this, you can operate a lot more efficiently.

(photo by shelly_dennison)

The Raven SEO Tools seem to cover just about every area of the SEO process. The features that these tools offer cover a wide range, including Research & Analysis, Campaign Management, Content Management, SERP Tracking, Analytics & ROI and Campaign Reports. This set of tools even has functionality that allows it to be used in an agency or enterprise environment.

To give you an example of what I was talking about when I said that this tool can make you a more efficient SEO, let’s look at one of its Research & Analysis features. Instead of needing to manually visit multiple keyword tool, Raven brings a lot of the best keyword tools (including Wordtracker, SeoDigger and AdWords) together for you to use from one place.

Another of the features that looks really cool is the SERP Tracker. Not only does this allow you to monitor keyword performance, but it also allows you to monitor trends over time, which can be really useful in measuring the effectiveness of specific elements of your SEO campaign.

Also, if you are into competitive analysis, this tool gives you the ability to automatically track how your competitors are performing.

Obviously, since I haven’t actually used this tool yet, it wouldn’t make sense for me to recommend that you sign up for one of the paid memberships. However, I will recommend that you do the same thing I’m about to do, which is to sign up for a free account and see how well these tools work. I’m interested to see if this tool lives up to all of the claims that it makes, and if it does, while $500 or $1,500 a month may seem like a really steep price tag, I could see this tool paying for itself many times over.

If you have personal experience using the Raven SEO Tools, I would love for you to leave a comment and tell us what you think about them!

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