Comprehensive SEO Marketing Strategies Offer Brand Indentity and Content Flexibility

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If you are going to all the trouble of developing a proper SEO web content piece, you may want to consider an overall strategy that uses a defined set of web content strategy articles instead. These articles wouldn’t be just a bunch of articles with keywords, but rather a constructed strategy designed to; better sell product, define your company and generally let the customer know what your company stands for.

Writing a few articles that include all the right words in all the right places may get you a place at the SEO table, but it won’t fully reflect the company and its true selling potential as a whole -other then selling a few widgets here and there. Taking an overview of your company and its products, and then putting together a full spectrum of interrelated SEO articles will not only accomplish the selling of your widgets more efficiently but also present your company in a light of your choosing.

The group supporting the whole

If this is a direction you might want to pursue, begin by looking at your product mix and see where the similarities lie between them. These connection points are where the SEO articles will be linked. They will also be the points where each article needs to flow as a secondary writing point (the first being the product you are writing about.)

Consider your linking points

From a general SEO perspective, you won’t want to get overly complicated in determining your linking points, considering the attention span of the average reader. You do, however, want to get your content points, SEO needs and selling pains across in the space you have. For the SEO requirements, consider your relevant .edu, .gov and .org links. Flow your relevant web content in such a way where a link can be inserted to confirm your point at the end of the point. Additionally, make your point on the primary product but make sure that your company’s other products are known in relation to your primary content article product. In this fashion, the same link can also support the other products that you will be writing about.

As you consider which link to use, make sure that you have several links to several of the differing .gov, .edu and .org sites with each leading to a different page. If you use just one link to a landing page you will receive credit from the web crawler for one good link. Use different pages at that link and you will receive a bit more credit for multiple good links. Ideally, you will want to sprinkle these links into the overall content (a few on each page of content), after the point is made. You will, however, want to place the links in such a way that you don’t lose the reader to the other site for good – or toward the bottom of the page but not at the bottom.

Product linking points

As you go about putting together your like products, think about their supply chain flow and where they come together before they make it to the customer. This is a good way to construct your web content strategy. If we were to consider fruit; we would see the growers, the pickers, the environmental conditions-worker and growing-, fruit variety, quality, distribution system, time to market and pricing. Taken together each totals the product chain. Taken as six separate sections each becomes a category where multiple web content articles can be generated with: company name on each page coordinated links, keywords, keyword locations and densities. Ultimately, these categories would end up focusing on; product, quality and worker/environmental care, freshness and price with each linked together within each individual piece of written content.  A link to the pricing page at the bottom of each content page would have order forms and buying considerations.

Product and company reach

Some might look at this concept and think it’s too much work and to expensive. A counter would say you don’t have to go all the way to the manufacture of the product to start putting together your content and that you can start and finish anywhere along the chain that you please. Another would also say that you don’t have to have much content on each page either. The average reader-after all – has the attention span of a fly so a little goes a long way if the piece is written correctly.

The other response, however, might say; how can you not afford to look at the web content aspects of your marketing plan this way. If you use the keyword “fruit” a few times on one page you may get a few hits if you have one page dedicated toward fruit in general. If you use separate pages for fruit with Florida oranges, Washington apples, avocados and/or your entire product base coupled with ABC Fruit Company where might the hits lead? You might also consider that once the project is done, all you’ll need to do is change a page or two every now and again to keep the web crawlers happy.

Spend your time wisely

Getting your SEO program to work effectively for your business takes some thought. It is not about throwing a few words down on the screen and hoping that it will bring in business. The process demands some thought about how you can best manipulate the SEO criteria that were given to you by the search engine companies and your customers. A solid strategy will, in a subtle manner, club the web crawler over the head with just what it wants-where it wants it and when it wants it. It will also make your customers feel comfortable doing business with your company by helping them easily find what they want whether it be a good or service. Making your choices carefully up-front will ultimately lead to more efficient use of time later on and increased profits.



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