The 6 Types of Linkbait You Need to Know About

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Learn about the different types of linkbait and increase your ability to reel in new links

Most people lump linkbait into a single category.  However, there are a wide variety of content styles that can be classified as linkbait.  By learning about the six most prominent types of linkbait, you can expand your blogging arsenal and write more posts that get a substantial amount of links.

Attack Hook: If you want someone’s attention, just insult them.  Although this is my least favorite form of linkbait, it has proven itself over and over throughout the blogosphere.  When someone is insulted, they just can’t keep themselves from responding.  While I won’t deny that the Attack Hook works, one word of caution: you may attract a lot of links, but you could also permanently damage your online reputation.

Contrary Hook: Similar to the Attack Hook, but less personal.  Instead of insulting a blogger, you are simply disagreeing with their point of view.  If you don’t agree with a post that someone writes, don’t be afraid to talk about your position on that topic.  More than likely, the heat you stir up will be just what your blog needs to bring in a new wave of links.

Ego Hook: This is the complete opposite of the first two types of linkbait.  Instead of insulting or disagreeing, this form of linkbait is all about old fashioned a** kissing.  Whether you give out awards or just write a gushing review about someone, people love receiving attention, and when it comes to the blogosphere, they will be more than happy to link back to the source of their attention.

Humor Hook: This type of linkbait comes naturally to some, while others have to work extremely hard to master it.  However, regardless of whether you are writing, posting pictures or shooting videos, if you can make people laugh, they are going to link to you so they can share your humorous piece of content with their friends.

News Hook: If you are one of the first blogs in your industry to break a news story, you can definitely count on getting links from blogs that still want to cover the story but weren’t able to get on it right away.  Although this type of linkbait can require some practice, with the right set of tools (such as a RSS reader and customized Google Alerts), you will get quite good at breaking stories on your blog.  One word of advice: don’t try to cover every general news story you come across.  You will gain a lot more links if you focus on news stories that are closely related to your niche and provide interesting information for your target audience.

Resources Hook: Of the six types of linkbait in this post, this one is my favorite.  If you are having trouble coming up with a piece of linkbait for your blog or website, stop overthinking so much, sit down and write out a piece of content that you know will: a) solve a problem for at least one of your readers or b) act as a piece of reference material for at least one of your readers.  As long as you address one of these two scenarios, you will help at least one reader, and you can count on that reader spreading the word about your solution or piece of reference by pointing a link in your direction.

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The 6 Types of Linkbait You Need to Know About, 4.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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