Why Your Article Marketing Efforts Are Failing

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Almost every time the topic of article marketing comes up in SEO circles, there are people who roll their eyes and scoff at the technique. They say it’s outdated, time-consuming, and ineffective. I say they don’t know what they’re doing.

I can tell you from firsthand experience that article marketing absolutely gets results. Within just a few months of doing some article marketing for my own website (www.ericbrantner.com), I’ve seen my site jump significantly in the search rankings. For example, I’m now ranking in the top 3 for the term “freelance copywriter.” Before I started with my article marketing efforts, I was somewhere in the 100s, like on page 10 of the search results. The same thing goes for several other keywords I’m targeting.

Thanks to these article marketing efforts, my vastly improved rankings are now getting me several quality leads every week from search engine traffic. In short, business is better than ever before, and it’s due in large part to article distribution.

And I’m not the only one. I have several colleagues who I’ve witnessed use article marketing to propel their rankings.

Simply put, I know article marketing still works. I’m experiencing its benefits every day. So why are there people out there who claim otherwise? Why haven’t they been as successful as I have with article marketing?

  1. No plan—Before you even start writing and distributing articles online, you need to have a plan. What exactly do you want to accomplish with article marketing? How often are you going to publish articles? Which directories are you going to target? Which keywords are you focusing on? You don’t have to get super specific in your plan, but you should have a basic outline to keep your article marketing efforts focused.
  2. Scattershot keyword targeting—The approach I’ve taken with article marketing is to monitor my rankings for a select group of keywords and tackle a few at a time with intense focus. Too many other article marketers seem to take the scattershot approach to targeting keywords. They spread their efforts too thin by targeting too many different phrases, and they get poor results. I suggest targeting a few keywords, building up their rankings, and moving onto the next set.
  3. No diversity in your article submissions—Link building is all about getting a diverse group of quality links. If you’re submitting to the same handful of article directories, you’re shooting yourself in the foot. Yes, some directories are higher quality than others, but you need to diversify your efforts to get better results.
  4. You aren’t maximizing your link building—Depending on the directory, you’ll be allowed anywhere from 1 to 3 links in the body of your article. Take full advantage of these by including keyword-rich backlinks to targeted pages on your website. This is where the true benefit of article marketing lies, in the backlinks.
  5. Quantity does count for something—In most cases, quality trumps quantity, and while you certainly need to make sure your articles are well-written, you also need to submit a decent volume of them if you want to get results. There are ways you can spin articles to get more from each piece you write, helping you work smarter not harder.

Do you use article marketing for SEO link building purposes? Has it worked for you?

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Why Your Article Marketing Efforts Are Failing, 2.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings
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