Class C IP Addresses

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How SEO Hosting Works

SEO Hosting allows for users to create hosting accounts for their
websites and assign each account an IP address. What is unique to SEO
Hosting is that the IP’s that are assigned to the server, are very diversified.

Technically the definition of a C class IP is an IP with the first octet or numerical block from 192 to 223. So if an IP is 192.*.*.* all the way through 223.*.*.* it is considered a “Class C” IP. However for the purpose to keep things simple, we’ll go with the understanding that each numerical octet is a Class, and the “C” class, just refers to the third octet.

Let’s take a closer look and examine an IP address. For example:


An IP is a string of numbers, separated by different octet blocks – A, B, C, and D respectively. The block from this IP address that most website owners are concerned with is the class C block. In the above example, the class C block is “789”.

Why is this important?

Since getting traffic to a website is primarily the most valuable
process of having a web site, and search engines are the source of most
of this traffic, people generally like to find out the best ways to
optimize their web sites to rank in the top listings of search engine

Tweaking and optimizing a web site to rank well in the search engines is known as Search Engine Optimization or SEO.

A common belief among SEO gurus is that search engines will penalize web sites when there are too many sites with similar content on the same IP address.

Nobody knows the exact search engine algorithm that is used to determine a web sites rank in listings, but people have reported success when they place each website on its own IP, and even more importantly each IP will be on a different class C block.

For example:

IP address 123.456.789.10 would have the website and IP
address 123.456.790.10 would have the website on it.

As we can see, the domain names and websites would have a similar topic
and therefore each domain is using a different class C block of IP.

Another claimed benefit is interlinking between web sites. Web sites
ranking also depends on how many other web sites are linking to them.
To prevent spam and bad search engine result listings, the search
engines give less weight to websites on the same class C IP linking to
each other.

Legitimate site owners will benefit from SEO Hosting because they can
link each site to each other and if it’s on a different class C IP they
will be able to still receive credit from interlinking between the sites.

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