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Google AdWords For iPhone

If you’re like me, then you’re using your iPhone for close to everything you can imagine. If you’re into bidding on keywords in Google AdWords, you’ve probabaly tried to search for a Google AdWords iPhone App and found nothing. The … Continue reading

Simple Guide For Achieving Success With Keyword Research Using Free SEO Tools From Google

Researching keywords can be challenging. A large part of the challenge is NOT with doing the actual research, but with equipping yourself with the right tools. For developers, it’s a pretty lucrative business. There’s a handful of keyword ranking and … Continue reading

Is Google Instant a Dream Come True or a Nightmare For SEO?

Immediately after I caught wind of Google Instant, I started researching and observing the reactions from other people within the SEO community. If you haven’t heard about Google Instant yet, let me brief you quickly: Direct from Google: “Google Instant … Continue reading

Does Google Scribe Have SEO Value?

Google launched a new text auto completion tool called, Google Scribe. The tool is very simple to use, and based on the articles I have read, people seem to think it works well. The tool is a text auto completion … Continue reading

Google Releases New Version of AdSense For High End Phones

Yesterday Google released a new version of AdSense geared for high end mobile phones. The news of this event was broadcast across four of their official blogs, two of which completely duplicated the content. (#1, #2, #3, #4) Ironically, Google … Continue reading