Will SEPRd.com be the New Sphinn?

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For the past 3 years, Sphinn.com has been a community where internet marketers could submit stories, vote on them, and discuss them. It was basically the “Digg for SEO and internet marketing.” Remember, Digg.com hates SEOs, and any SEO-related stories would always get buried there. So, Sphinn was a nice alternative for our little community.

Earlier this month, Sphinn announced that it would be getting rid of its voting feature. Users can still submit stories to Sphinn, but it’s now up to their team of editors to determine which stories are featured on the front page. Some claim this will help eliminate spam, but many others (myself included) feel this is the death of Sphinn as it’s completely removing the community aspect of the platform. There are also legitimate worries that editors will just promote content from their friends, turning Sphinn into a club that requires you know somebody to “get in.”

With all of these developments, it comes as no surprise that an alternative to Sphinn has cropped up. SERPd.com is the new place SEOs and internet marketers can go to submit and vote on stories. The site was created by Chris Burns from Burn SEO and Gerald Weber from the Houston SEO company SEM Group.

From what I can tell, the site is essentially what Sphinn used to be, making it a cool place to visit if you’re one of the many people unhappy with Sphinn’s decision to say goodbye to voting. As of right now, the website is still in its beta stages, but you can already sign up to start submitting and voting on stories.

Personally, I’m really pleased with what I’m seeing. I think removing the voting feature from Sphinn was a huge mistake, and I haven’t felt the need to use the site since. I’ve spoken a bit with Gerald about the new site, and he assures me that moderators will let the voting community have its say (for right now, 10 votes are needed to get to the front page), but they will stamp out any obvious spam.

So, go ahead and check out SERPd.com. It’s free to signup.

What do you think? Will it replace Sphinn?

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Will SEPRd.com be the New Sphinn?, 5.0 out of 5 based on 3 ratings
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