What is Google Fast Flip

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Even today with the Internet reaching balzing speeds, loading media rich web pages can still take a lot of time. Most modern news sites include high resolution videos, detailed screen shots, and streaming audio on their pages. This makes load time slow, even for users with the highest Internet speeds. Google claims that users need a way to flip web pages similiar to how people flip pages in a magazine or newspaper. Their goal is to completely eliminate load time all together with the addition of a new Google Labs experiment called Google Fast Flip.

Google Fast Flip Screen Shot

On the Official Google blog, they explained that Fast Flip is an experiment where people can combine traditional print reading with online article reading to achieve a new and enhanced reading experience. Just like when people read printed magazines or newspapers, Fast Flip lets users browse through multiple pages quickly and instantly. Information is sorted and presented to users by their level of popularity, topic, and source. In other words, a user can use filters to display only news from one or multiple sources. Also, filters can be used to display information about certain topics.

Online Video Presentation of Google Fast Flip Created by Phillip J Rhoades.

In part of building Fast Flip, Google developed partnerships with three dozen top publishers including the New York Times, the Atlantic, the Washington Post, Salon, Fast Company, ProPublica and Newsweek. These companies will all share revenue earned from contextually relevent ads. Google aims to support the publishing industry with the many challenges they face. Google believes that Fast Flip can help encourage users to continue reading news.

Google recognizes that people are using mobile devices to get news and updates on current events. Because of that, they have developed a mobile version of Fast Flip. The mobile version is available for iPhone and Android devices and is accessible simply by navigating directly to the Google Fast Flip homepage. Viewing the mobile version gives access to popular articles, sources, and topics. Flipping through articles is done by swipping a finger over the page to the left or right. Users are able to tap to zoom an article to view a cleaner high resolution version.

Google Fast Flip Mobile Screen Shot

I think Google Fast Flip is useful. Like many of the Google Labs experiments, I don’t think Google does a good job promoting it. At the time of writing this article, I wasn’t able to find an official Google video on Fast Flip, thus the reason why I included the video created by Phillip J Rhoades. That said, Google does an amazing job with creating things that makes lives easier for people. The problemi is that many people don’t know about it. I recommend that people read as many Google blogs as possible so that they can stay in the loop with what’s going on.

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