The New Yahoo! Homepage

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For years, Yahoo has had the same look and feel. Soon they will be launching a brand new homepage that will showcase many of the more popular Web 2.0 services that have been gaining popularity over the last two years.

The new Yahoo! homepage features new application such as FaceBook, MySpace, and eBay. These applications pop up on the screen and from there, the user can simply login and access their account without having to leave the Yahoo! homepage.

While these enhancements seem to be great, many people wonder if this upgrade came too late. Here is a screen shot of the new Yahoo! homepage:

Screen Shot of The New Yahoo! Homepage.

Connecting your FaceBook account with the new Yahoo! homepage is very easy. Simply login to your Yahoo! account, mouse over the FaceBook application, enter your FaceBook credentials, and proceed to connect your FaceBook account with your Yahoo! account.

Screen Shot of The New Yahoo! Homepage FaceBook Application

One additional feature I enjoy is Apps Gallery. With the Apps Gallery, you can search for your favorite websites and add them into your personalized Yahoo! homepage.

Screen Shot of The New Yahoo! Homepage Apps Gallery

I have to admit that the new Yahoo! homepage looks very appealing and takes the role of being a very nice portal. I hope that Yahoo! didn’t wait too long to roll this enhancement out. Some people wonder if the new design will change SEO Strategies. What are your thoughts?

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