The Future of Google

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Metal Googlebot
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When it comes to monetizing and driving traffic to websites, Google is at the top of the list for many website owners. Obviously, you can monetize your website with affiliate programs, CPM banners or PPC ads from networks other than AdSense. And through the use of good domain names, branding, social media marketing and more, you can drive traffic from sources other than Google. However, at the end of the day, Google still plays a significant role for most websites, and obviously is central to the SEO community. Therefore, it’s worthwhile to keep up with what Google is doing and planning for the future, especially when the facts are coming directly from Google.

The first of two big pieces of recent news about where Google is planning to go in the future came on September 3rd, when TechCrunch published a post called “Google CEO Eric Schmidt On The Future Of Search: “Connect It Straight To Your Brain.”” Now, before you run to the kitchen and make a tinfoil hat, the “connect it straight to your brain” was a tongue-in-cheek joke from Eric Schmidt during the course of the interview.

However, the comment he made that wasn’t a joke and should be taken seriously by Internet marketers and publishers was:

“So I don’t know how to characterize the next 10 years except to say that we’ll get to the point – the long-term goal is to be able to give you one answer, which is exactly the right answer over time. Okay, you know, the question I’ll ask today, how many Americans have – what percentage of Americans have passports?…The Google’s answer was a site, which was somebody who had attempted to answer that question and had multiple answers. It’s quite interesting actually to read…So you go to a very good definitive site. And what I’d like to do is to get to the point where we could read his site and then summarize what it says, and answer the question…Along with the citation and so forth and so on.”

While different people will take this comment with different levels of severity, if you want to read a point of view that assumes the most severe of this comment, I recommend John Andrews’ interesting and well-thought out post, “Google Owns Your Internets.”

The second interesting insight into Google’s future plans came from the SES San Jose keynote from Nick Fox, who is Google’s business product management director for AdWords. In the recap provided on Search Engine Land, the big point that should be considered by Internet marketers is the potential for paid search without keyword terms and phrases during the course of the next five to ten years. If you think this sounds impossible, just read over the details provided in the SEL recap, and you will see that it is much more plausible than you might have originally believed.

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