How To Get Help With SEO?

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So you just started a business website or a blog and now you’ve heard all the hype about ranking #1 in Google and how much traffic you can get for free. You’ve read a few articles, wasted a few hundred dollars on some eBooks and video tutorials, but still you can’t seem get your site to rank for the keywords you want. This leads to seeking advice and help with SEO.

Search engine optimization is the process of making your website or blog friendly and optimized for search engines. But, today, there is so much involved with SEO, at times it can even be mind blowing for those have experience. How do you get help with SEO if you need it? Well, there is a site called SEO Consultants.

SEO Consultants serves as a nationwide directory listing of search engine consultants. The site is very simple to use. Simply choose your country, state, and specify a few optional filters, and then you will be returned with a listing of SEO Consultants near you.

If you happen to be an SEO Consultant, I recommend getting listed in this directory. They rank #1 for the term SEO Consultant. And, I am sure they get a lot of traffic that can convert into profitable leads for your SEO business.

Getting listed in their directory isn’t cheap. The cost is $200 dollars to get your business reviewed by their staff. They have very strict standards and getting listed isn’t easy. But, if you are successful with getting listed in their directory, I am sure they pay offs will be huge. On their Submit URL page they mention this:

“As of 2009-07-10 we have 107 active members and 897 prospective members who have been declined since our initial launch on 2002-06-01.”

I think the $200 submission / review fee and hardcore standards make their directory listing a valuable resource to consumers. Only the best of the best are listed in this directory, and it only took me a few minutes to realize that. Consumers can place trust in the companies listed within. Getting your SEO business listed is something you might want to aim for and consider in the future.

By the way, I did send them an email prior to writing this and asked the staff if they would honor a special discount to readers on blog. I’ll update this post and do a follow up if they reply back honoring a discount to their submission fee.

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