Microsoft-Yahoo Deal – What to expect in year ahead

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By now we all know, Microsoft overtook Yahoo Search. Well, from a user point of view, it doesn’t matter to me much; I use Google :).

But it does matter from a search marketing point of view, it is a game changer move by Microsoft, lets see how:

Market Share Leap: With this deal, Bing got around 30% of total search market share, which is a lot, and this time, I am sure that it does distract Google a bit.

Bing and real time search: Not completely, but Bing is closer to be the first mainstream real time search engine than Google. Google can have a upper hand if only Twitter agrees to be acquired by Google, which I think will be the ideal step for Twitter at this time (when Friendfeed has been acquired by Facebook).

Adwords Competence: 30% of market share is good enough to attract search advertisers to Bing, and Microsoft is already known for providing better ROI than Adwords, it is quite possible that Google Adwords bids will go down significantly later this year.

Google to do major updates upgrades?: As Tyler said in the previous post, Google is coming up with a new version of Google Search Engine. Looking at this sandbox version of Google, it sure isn’t same as the one we see on, differences are quite visible. We also saw Google making some changes to the organic search experience too. So all in all, this year we can expect more updates and upgrades from Google than we have ever seen before.

New SEO Tools: With Google ruling the search market, every search tool developer focused on Google search API; now we can expect some tools for Bing too. Google itself had been been offering some nice tools like Google keyword external tool, Google Insights, Google Trends etc. Microsoft Adlab, which has been eating rust all this time, might get popular among SEO community. Only god knows what will happen to Yahoo Site Explorer, but I have a gut feeling that it will stay. Microsoft may not want to turn off SEO community by taking it away.

Bing Analytics?: Google have Google Analytics, Microsoft had one (it really did) and Yahoo recently got one. As Yahoo Search Marketing is acquired by Microsoft and Yahoo Analytics is available only to Yahoo Search advertisers, does it mean that Microsoft will get a hold on Yahoo Analytics too?

Update: Bing Analytics is confirmed in a Bing community forum post by Brett Yount, a Bing official.

Google Ad Campaigns: Microsoft is already binging all over, I guess this is about time when Google may also start proactive promotion of its search, and other products.

Seems like rest of the year will bring a lot of new toys for SEOs, which is a good thing. Optimistically speaking, more competition among search engines means cheaper PPC, more platforms to compete on, and ultimately more SEO business. What other possibilities do you see out of this deal?

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