Bing vs Google vs New Yahoo!

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Can Bing overtake Google in the search engine war? And what about Yahoo!

Over the last month I have personally seen many television commercials, radio broadcasts, and Internet campaigns promoting the new Bing search engine. I have to admit, Bing is doing much better than I would have thought, but the question still remains: Can Bing overtake Google? And what about Yahoo!

Screen Shot of Homepage looks appealing and simple. The homepage is very attractive and quite well designed. I have to admit, that if I were a former user having my homepage set to Yahoo!, I would be more likely to switch to Bing than Google, simply due to first impressions based off appearance.

Screen Shot of Google Homepage

Being honest with yourself, which site would you choose, assuming you wanted to move away from Yahoo! and also assuming that you didn’t know that Google had as many free services as they provide? Obviously, once a user creates a Google account, then a world can be opened up to them. However, that really isn’t quite known unless a user takes the step towards creating that account or hearing about it from someone or something else.

Once logged in, then an array of free services are opened up to users within Google. But, once again, how well known are these services to mainstream users?

Screen shot of Google Services Page

And then we have the brand new Yahoo! homepage added into the mix. I have to admit, this new enhancement is good. Real good. I do think there is some risk that Yahoo! waited way too long to release a web 2.0 update, but even still, I think Yahoo might get some really great results in the upcoming weeks and months.

Screen Shot of New Yahoo! Homepage

I understand that Google probably provides better search, and more free services to users, that isn’t the debate. What I want to know is if Bing, and maybe Yahoo! will finally overtake Google in popularity. For some people, it isn’t always about search. Some people like functionality and free services. While Google provides free services, they don’t make these services known. What are your thoughts?

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Rating: 2.2/5 (3 votes cast)
Bing vs Google vs New Yahoo!, 2.2 out of 5 based on 3 ratings
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