The Top 100 Internet Marketing Posts of 2009

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Although there is still a little bit of time before 2009 is officially over, since many of you are going to be spending a lot of time traveling and attempting to hide from you in-laws over the next couple of weeks, I thought it would be useful to provide this great reading material now.

While I lost track of how many hours I spent working on this post, it turned out to be my favorite writing experience of 2009. Not only did I get to reread a lot of great posts, but I also got to read many excellent posts for the first time that I had missed during the busy course of 2009.

Because I have benefited immensely from the information contained in the posts on this list, I want to say thanks to every single author who wrote one or more of the posts below!

And now, without further ado, open up your favorite bookmark service and enjoy the wealth of information contained in the Top 100 Internet Marketing Posts of 2009:


Welcome 2009

SEO Higher Learning – HuoMah SEO Blog

You Don’t Need SEO to Rank in Google – Sugarrae

Exclusive Interview with Googler: Kaspar Szymanski – Blog

Video of My “Preventing Virtual Blight” Talk – Matt Cutts

Predicting ROAS and Launching Better PPC Campaigns – The Acquisio Blog

Why Trust Matters & How To Earn It – Small Business Search Marketing

7 Reasons Your Social Media Marketing Failed (and How to Fix It!) –

Stop Discounting: How to Add Value Instead and Build Loyalty – Datadial Blog


Happy Valentine's Day

Social Media Marketing FAQ – Traffikd

The Psychology of a Linkbait – Search Engine Journal

Big Brands? Google Brand Promotion: New Search Engine Rankings Place Heavy Emphasis on Branding – SEO Book

It’s a New Me (As Seen on Google) –

Click Here For Better Usability And SEO – SEO Scoop

77 SES London Takeaway Tips & Tricks – SEOptimise

The Long Tail of Page One Rankings – Search Engine Journal


Happy St. Patrick's Day

Aaron Interviews Ben and Karl from Conversion Rate Experts (CRE) – SEO Book

Outspoken to Speak, Blog At PubCon South! – Outspoken Media
(each of the twelve liveblogging links leads to a detailed recap of that session)

15 WordPress Plugins That I Can’t Live Without – Search Engine Marketing Group

The Perfect Link Request Email Template –

2009 Social Media Optimization: Back to Basics? – aimClear

UK Search Engine Market Research in Depth (Graphs) – Eduard Blacquiere

Google AdWords Conversion Tracking 101/201/301 – Search Engine Journal

50 SEO Tips for Online Retailers – Econsultancy

Liveblogging Schedule for SES New York – Outspoken Media
(each of the sixteen liveblogging links leads to a detailed recap of that session)

30+ Google Analytics Tools, Goals, Segments, Filters, Hacks & Resources – SEOptimise


Easter Bunny

SEO Since 1999 – SEOmoz

Low Hanging Fruit and PPC Keyword Opportunities – Search Engine Journal

Case Study: How I Used Twitter to Generate 35,967 Extra Hits to my Site in Just 14 Days – Winning the Web

Information Architecture at IMSB: Build it & They will Come – Social Desire

How To Monitor Your Rankings Using Google Analytics Advanced Filter Segmentation – Blogstorm

Google’s Love For Newspapers & How Little They Appreciate It – Daggle

35 Non-Google SEO How Tos, Tutorials & Other Resources – SEOptimise

50+ Google and Yahoo Search Shortcuts Cheat Sheet – Search Engine Journal

Small Business SEO: How To Launch That Web site – Outspoken Media


Graduation Day

Link Building from A to Z – SEOmoz

33 Reasons to Use Twitter – Search Engine People

41 Ultimate Tips from SMX London 2009 – SEOptimise

80+ SEO Job Interview Questions – Ben McKay

Intelligently Crafting Content – Search Engine People

Link Development Training: How Link Building for SEO is Like Picking Up a Girl – Stuntdubl

Top Social Media Blogs – blogRank

101 Blogging Headlines – Magnetic Web Content

Thought You Knew About Online PR? Think Again – Datadial Blog

80+ Online Resources for the Digital Enterprise – WebMama

How to Write PPC Ad Copy: Four Ad Templates that Cause Clicks and Conversions – Search Engine People

85 Reasons Why Website Designers/Developers Keep SEOs in Business – Search Engine Land


Beach Sunset

The Complete Google Analytics Power User Guide – VKI Studios Blog
(each read more link provides a detailed breakdown of that feature)

8 Key Points to Multiple Niche Sites And Controlling Back Links – Search Engine Journal

Social Media & Search Marketing: Not The Same Old Stuff – Outspoken Media

Learn SEO in 30 Minutes a Day – SEOmoz

A Brief History Of Social Media – Social Media Rockstar

What is Internet Liberalisation and Why Should you Care? –

56 Local SEO & Search Resources for Business – SEOptimise

9 Strategies for Finding Incredible Content – Search Engine Journal

The Link Builder’s Guide To Analyzing SERP Dominators For Link Opportunities – Search Engine Land

Is What’s Good For Google Good For SEO? – aimClear

SEO Best Practices: SEOmoz’s New Policies Based on Updated Correlation Data – SEOmoz


4th of July

Liveblogging Schedule for Affiliate Summit East ’09 – Outspoken Media
(each of the twelve liveblogging links leads to a detailed recap of that session)

Commercial Twitter Case Study Revisited – Sugarrae

The International Link Building Guide – Search Engine People

8 Short Steps To Forecast and Estimate SEO ROI… – SEO ROI

33 Mobile SEO & Mobile Analytics Resources – SEOptimise

7 Red Flags that Reveal to Google You’re an SEO Criminal – Avoid These! – Winning the Web

Is Online PR The Ultimate Link Building Technique? – Linking Matters


Back to School

SEOmoz’s Biennial Ranking Factors 2009 Released – SEOmoz

IYP SEO Rankings Report 2009 – Local SEO Guide

What 70+ Hours Of Backlink Checking And Research Shows… – Search Engine Journal

The Curious Case Of Google’s Bizarre UK Search Results – Search Engine Land

SEO Competitive Intelligence : Learn From Your SEO Rivals – Search Engine Journal

PPC is Rocket Science – Todd Mintz

How Brent D Payne increased Tribune sites’ monthly visits by a cool 20 million – Wordtracker

Surviving and Thriving as an Ecommerce SEO – Everett Sizemore

10 Reasons Why Journalists Will Write About Your Website – Linking Matters

45 Link Baiting Resources: Ideas, Techniques, Case Studies & Drawbacks – SEOptimise

10 Valuable, Actionable, Take-Aways From the SEOmoz Pro Training Seminar – SEOmoz

Natural Link Building : Create an Online Presence and Linkable Brand – Search Engine Journal


Labor Day

15 Ways To Get Your Blog Comments Noticed – Search Engine Marketing Group

21 Must-Follow Tips For Optimizing Time Spent In Social Media – Top Rank Blog

The Digg Bury Brigade & How to Fight It - New Media Concepts

Get high rankings by building authoritative, irrelevant links? – SEO Gadget

Practical Guide to Finding Link Bait Inspiration – SEO Smarty



The Old, Ignorant Politician’s Guide to Search Marketing for Your Election Campaign -Acquisio Search Blog

The SEM Toolbox: 79 Tools and Tips Every Search Marketer Must Have – SEO Contrarian

101 Advanced Tips For The Next Time You Buy Text Link Ads – Search Engine Journal

Google Social Search; an early review – HuoMah SEO Blog


Happy Thanksgiving

2010: The Year Information Pollution Takes Off – SEO Book

The Holiday Link Building Blitz: A Plan for eCommerce Sites – Search Engine People

PubCon 2009 Liveblogging & Speaking Schedule – Outspoken Media
(each of the seventeen liveblogging links leads to a detailed recap of that session)

One Year After Getting Laid Off: My Annual Passive Income Report – The Smart Passive Income Blog

Jeremy Schoemaker (aka Shoemoney) Interview – SEO Book

21 Link Builders Share Advanced Link Building Queries – Search Engine Land

Keywords That Click – Search Engine People

Local Search Interview With David Mihm – Local Search Simplified

How AdWords Can Be The Best SEO Tool In Your Arsenal – RedFly

Why link building may not work – Best SEO Blog


Christmas Tree

The End Of Hand Crafted Content – TechCrunch

Do Not Feed The Trolls – Bit Rebels

Shopping Cart SEO Tips – Graywolf’s SEO Blog

Social Media Marketing Snake Oil – Search Engine Journal

Google Enables Real Time Spam and More – Outspoken Media


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