The Problem with Adding Content for the Sake of SEO

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A lot of the copywriting projects I get involve SEO. Sometimes, a company wants to redo their entire website to ensure it’s optimized properly for the search engines. Other times, their website is already optimized, but they want to continually add new pages to it so they can target new keywords and drive more search engine traffic to their site.

It makes sense, and it’s a strategy I can get behind. Somewhat.

Look, I think it’s a great idea to add fresh content to your website for SEO purposes. The search engines like seeing new content, and the more relevant keywords you can target, the more traffic and potential customers you can bring in.

But my problem is this. When I ask some clients what the purpose is of the new content for their website, a number of them respond with something like this: “It just needs to target this keyword. I don’t really care much about what’s on the page. We just need to rank for that keyword.”


In other words, they simply wish to add content to their website for the sake of SEO, not for the sake of getting more conversions, attracting more leads, and making more money. They’re simply concerned with getting the rankings, no matter what the content looks like.

My question to clients like this is “What’s the point of having a page that ranks well for a keyword if that page doesn’t motivate visitors to take an action?” Just having a generic, general information page with a targeted keyword peppered in seems completely pointless.

Another potential issue that arises with constantly adding new pages to your website for SEO is that your site can actually get too big, making it overwhelming for visitors to browse. Remember, user experience determines the success of your website. If your visitors can’t find the information they’re looking for quickly and easily, they’ll leave your website. So make sure you’re not adding so many pages that your site becomes challenging to navigate.

My point is this. If you’re going to add new pages to your website for SEO purposes, make sure they also enhance the user experience and push the visitor to conversion.


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The Problem with Adding Content for the Sake of SEO, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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