How To Find Keywords Using Google Wonder Wheel

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Discover Google Wonder Wheel and How This Program Can Help You With Keyword Research

I make money on the Internet by creating blogs and websites that target profitable keywords in search engines. Knowing and having a general to moderate understanding of search engine optimization, search engine marketing, and keyword analysis is crucial towards the success of my business. One of the reasons why I enjoy writing here is because I can share my experience and knowledge about search engines with you.

In my business, I need quite a few things to happen in order for it to remain successful. One of most important things I need is to have material to write about. Not only that, but the material I write about needs to trigger profitable advertisements within my pages.

There are many programs available that will give you a general idea of how much certain keywords and phrases pay; however, one thing most of these programs lack are writing prompts. It’s one thing to think of a keyword or phrase to write about, but it’s it’s a complete different ball game when a publisher, such as myself, has writer’s block.

That is where Google Wonder Wheel kicks in. This is an amazing and free service offered by Google that allows you to easily drill down into discovering relevant longtail keywords based off very popular and competitive ones.

If I were to write an article geared towards targeting the keyword phrase, “apple computers” it would take a lot of resources, backlinks, money, and time to successfully get top ranking for that phrase in Google. In my business, I go after longtail keywords. And using Google Wonder Wheel is a perfect tool that allows me to discover these keywords.

Using Google Wonder Wheel, I can do a search for “apple computers” and then narrow my results to “apple laptops”. From there, I can narrow my search even more and click on “used apple laptops”. Now the keywords are getting much less competitive and easier to gain top ranking. In my experience, I tend to take things just a little deeper. In this case, I will click on “used apple laptops” and mark this keyword for consideration.

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Once I have a keyword marked, I will then begin conducting research to see if this particular keyword has traffic. Secondly, I want to know if AdWords advertisers are placing decent bids, and last I want to check and check the level of competition in the organic rankings. If all checks out well, then I move on writing content geared towards targeting the chosen keyword phrase.

What are some ways that Google Wonder Wheel can be incorporated into your online business?

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Rating: 4.7/5 (3 votes cast)
How To Find Keywords Using Google Wonder Wheel, 4.7 out of 5 based on 3 ratings
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