3 Free Resources for Optimizing Your Landing Pages

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As I have discussed multiple times, PPC marketing can play a vital role in your overall search engine marketing strategy.  In addition to learning how to properly create and manage PPC campaigns, the key to successfully converting paid visitors into customers is to increase the conversion rate of your landing page.

If you have a landing page but are unsure of what you can do to increase the conversion rate of your page, I have put together a list of three varied resources that will help you get on the right track.

Google Website Optimizer

Google Website Optimizer: Just like Google Analytics, I understand why some people are not comfortable using a tool like Google Website Optimizer.  However, the truth is that this is another valuable tool that Google is providing (for free), and I would be doing all of the readers of this blog a disservice by not discussing it.  So, while I’m not going to try to persuade you to use it, I do want to look at what it is capable of doing.

Google Website Optimizer is a web based tool that allows you to perform A/B split testing on your landing pages.  Whether you want to test different headings, images or content, you can run these tests with Google Website Optimizer, and the tool will track what’s happening and provide you with the results.  All of the features of Google Website Optimizer go back to helping you increase your conversion rate, and since the purpose of a landing page is to convert visitors into some form of a customer, I think this is a very useful free tool for landing page optimization.

Zac Johnson Landing Page: While it may not be the right landing page for everyone, if you are running some form of an affiliate offer, you will definitely want to take time to look at this landing page.  Provided for free from Super Affiliate Zac Johnson, this landing page page template includes space for a call to action, image, key bullet points, testimonials, product information and more.

If you download this landing page template and aren’t sure if it is providing you with the best conversion rate possible, why don’t you create multiple versions of it and use the Google Website Optimizer to see which version of the template is working best for your specific situation?

Landing Page Makeover Clinics: Although the last post in this series was done in February of this year (hopefully the series will return in 2009), there is a lot of valuable information in the Landing Page Makeover Clinic series on Copyblogger.  Written by Roberta Rosenberg, this series of eleven posts provides real life examples of optimizing landing pages to increase their conversion rates.  Originally kicked off with the optimization and testing of the SEOmoz Premium Membership Landing Page, this series covered creating better landing pages for websites in a variety of fields.

While it will take some time for you to read all of the posts (as they are somewhat lengthy), the investment of time into reading the entire series will provide you with a lot of very valuable information.

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