8 Tips for Improving Click Through Rate

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A Google AdWords campaign offers many benefits. It allows you to instantly jump of the search rankings with your paid ads, and it makes it easy for you to attract quality traffic that’s likelier to convert. Of course, the first step to converting a visitor is to get them to click your ad in the first place. Sometimes, that’s harder than it might seem.

Click Through Rate (CTR) is the percentage of people who view your ad that actually end up clicking it. In other words, if your ad gets 100 impressions (views) and 1 click, your CTR is 1%.

What can you do to get more clicks without sacrificing the quality of these clicks?

Here are 8 helpful tips for boosting your CTR.

  1. Don’t use general keywords—The best way to get clicks is to be relevant to what the searcher is looking for. If you’re a window manufacturer and you use really broad keywords (e.g. “windows”), most of your impressions will come from people who aren’t looking to buy your product. Be specific (e.g. double-pane windows, energy efficient home windows, etc.) to attract searchers who are ready to buy.
  2. Use specific keywords in your ad headlines—Once you’ve chosen your keywords, you need to use these phrases in your ad headlines. This reinforces that you have what the searcher is looking for, and it helps to highlight your ad, making it stand out from the crowd.
  3. Always be testing—Every PPC campaign is different. The best way to figure out what gets you more quality clicks is to always be split testing. Try different tweaks to your ads to find the ad formula that gets clicked most often.
  4. Focus on your differentiators—Your ad needs to highlight the things that make you different. If you offer the best price, say so in your ad. If you have free shipping, put that in your ad. Make every single word count!
  5. Let customers know what’s in it for them—Never forget, your customers want to know how they’ll benefit by doing business with you. Going back to the windows example. Do your windows help lower electricity costs? Do they improve security? Boost the home’s value? Benefits should always be featured in your PPC ads.
  6. Use strong, motivating words—Guaranteed. Proven. Free. New. Safe. Order now. These are just some of the powerful words and phrases you can use in your paid search ads to grab the searcher’s attention and to motivate them to click your link.
  7. Try seasonal headlines—Seasonal headlines show relevance. They make customers feel like they’re getting a special deal. Even if your product isn’t seasonal, you can still market it this way. “Double-Pane Windows 4th of July Sale. Free shipping on all orders.”
  8. Ask a question—Questions are a powerful copywriting tool. For example, rather than saying “Lower your electricity bill”, you could ask “Want to lower your electricity bill?” Simply changing a statement into a question can be helpful for piquing the searcher’s interest.

What have you done to improve your CTR in AdWords? Share your best tips by leaving a comment.

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8 Tips for Improving Click Through Rate, 3.1 out of 5 based on 4 ratings
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