7 Tips for Successful Landing Pages

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Whether your goal is to generate a lead or to close a sale, creating an effective landing page is necessary for reaching your goal. With a great landing page, your visitors will be far likelier to take the action you desire. Unfortunately, most landing pages aren’t great. Instead, they seem to be created simply as a filler page for customers to land on. As a result, the visitor hits the “back” button as soon as they land on the page.

So, what can you do to ensure your visitors are sticking around? Follow these 7 tips for successful landing pages.


  1. Write a Great Headline- The first thing visitors to your landing page see is the headline. A boring, keyword-stuffed headline won’t do the job here. Your headline needs to refer to the place from which the visitor clicked to get to your page. It also should be strong enough to entice the visitor to keep reading. Some copywriters prefer using leading questions; others favor writing compelling headlines that sell a benefit.
  2. Use Clean Design- Remember, this is a landing page, not your home page. Keep the design as simple as possible. The goal of your landing page design should be to direct the visitor’s eye flow toward the call to action. For this reason, you need to eliminate any unnecessary distractions from the page. Keep it simple!
  3. Make it Easy to Scan- This goes hand in hand with the above point. You want to make your text as easy to scan as possible. Your visitors don’t want to read a long block of text. Break the content into short paragraphs, and bold a few key phrases throughout the body. This accommodates the visitor’s inclination to scan rather than to read.
  4. Have a Clear Call to Action- Your landing page was created for a reason. For some sites, it’s to get a lead. Other landing pages are designed to close a sale. Whatever your purpose, you must have a clear call to action that tells the visitor what you want. If you want them to fill out a brief contact form, tell them. Also, give them an incentive for doing so. Anything from a free consultation to a limited time discount will help convince them to take action.
  5. Place Important Content Above the Fold- First impressions are important. When a visitor lands on your page, what do they see? Whatever content is above the fold is what determines if they’ll keep reading. You need to have enough content visible to help the reader make a decision without scrolling down.
  6. Use Real Testimonials- Testimonials are great sales tools. If you can cleanly place a couple of testimonials in a sidebar on the landing page, it will really help your company build trust with visitors. If your readers see the satisfaction others have experienced with your company, they’ll be less worried about getting ripped off.
  7. Test Landing Page Regularly- Testing your page regularly is the key to creating the most effective landing site. If your page isn’t converting properly, keep tweaking it until it does the job. Have trusted associates look at your landing page to see if there is anything else you can do to improve it. The more you test, the better a page you’ll have.
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7 Tips for Successful Landing Pages, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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