7 Quick Ways to Get More Conversions

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When it comes to building a profitable online presence, “conversion” is the name of the game. See, you can be getting all the traffic in the world, but if it isn’t converting, it’s all for nothing.

So, what can you do to increase your website’s conversion rate? Here are several 7 tips to get you started.

1.    Increase website loading speed—They say you have just 8 seconds after a visitor comes to your page to convince them to stay. If 7 of those seconds are spent loading your website, you’re going to be in serious trouble. I don’t know about you, but when I click on a website, I want it to load immediately. Yes, I’m impatient, but guess what? So are your potential customers. This article is a pretty good overview of simple things you can do to speed up your website.

2.    Use video—
A while back, MarketingSherpa did a case study showing how adding video to a landing page can increase its conversion rate. Unfortunately, I don’t have a subscription to the website, so I can’t access their archives to provide a link to the study. But let me explain why adding video can increase conversion rates. First, it makes your website more interactive and personal. A visitor feels more of a connection to someone in a video than they do to a bunch of text. Also, many people need to see things to believe it. A video demonstration of your product can build credibility with potential customers, convincing them to give your product a try.

3.    Offer smart shipping options—
Letting your customers choose from an array of shipping options will help increase your conversion rate. Some customers will want to pay to get it shipped the next day; others will just be looking for the cheapest shipping option available. The more flexible your shipping options, the more customers you’ll satisfy. Also, consider offering free shipping to customers who make large purchases.

4.    Collect e-mail address and follow up—At the very least, you need to be getting e-mail addresses from people visiting your landing pages. Remember, a lot of people need some time to think about it before making a purchase. Get their e-mail address by offering some sort of opt-in (newsletter, e-book, free consultation, etc.). Then, just make sure to follow up with them.

5.    Include live support—A lot of customers might be too lazy or just apprehensive of being scammed to pick up the phone to contact you. That’s where live chat support can help. Have an on-site instant messenger where potential customers can contact you to ask any questions they might have. It keeps them on your site, and it builds trust with them.

6.    Don’t hide pricing information—Is there anything more annoying than having to dig around a website to figure out how much a product or service costs? Any time I don’t see a price, I automatically assume they’re hiding it because it’s too expensive. Be up front about your pricing. If nothing else, it will weed out the customers who can’t afford to do business with you anyway.

7.    Give “about us” information—
A lot of times, the “about us” page seems like nothing more than a waste of space. But a good information page can help build trust with your website visitors. It shows them you are a legit company and you will take care of them. The more “about us” information you have, the stronger the personal connection will be between you and the visitor.

Do you have any secret conversion boosting tips?

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