5 Free eBooks That Will Make You a Better Online Marketer

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Find out more about five free eBooks that can improve your online marketing knowledge and skills

No matter how long you have been working as an online marketer, there are always new things you can learn.  Blogs and forums can both be great sources of new information for online marketers looking to expand their knowledge.  However, unlike many industries, most traditional books simply don’t offer a lot of value for online marketers.  The reason for this is because it takes so long for a traditional book to be written and published, by the time it hits bookstore shelves, most of the information is outdated.  However, eBooks can solve this problem because of their ease of publishing and their ability to be quickly updated with new information.

Although eBooks get a bad reputation because of the sleazy salesmen that try to sell their 75 page eBooks for $100 a piece, there are some very good eBooks available for online marketers.  Best of all, these great eBooks won’t cost you a cent.  That’s right; I’ve assembled a list of 5 great eBooks for online marketers that are all free:

The New Rules of Viral Marketing – Written by David Meerman Scott (who also authored The New Rules of Marketing and PR), The New Rules of Viral Marketing is a thirty-four page eBook that is packed with everything you need to know about viral marketing. From a full explanation of the basics to real life examples to concrete strategies that you can use to make your content go viral, this is the resource for learning more about viral marketing.

Google Adwords & Yahoo PPC Tips – Although the actual SEOBook is not free, expert Aaron Wall has been kind enough to produce a great free forty-four page eBook that covers everything you need to know about PPC marketing. Even if you already know quite a bit about PPC marketing, I guarantee that you will find at least a handful of new ideas or tips that will help you improve the efficiency of your PPC campaigns.

The Social Web Analytics eBook – With 105 pages of information, this eBook by Philip Sheldrake is a goldmine of information. Far too many people jump into the world of social media with no clear goals or objectives, which is why this free eBook is such a wonderful resource. It forces online marketers to take a step back and decide what they are trying to accomplish by engaging in social media.

Introduction to Good Usability
– Even though usability may not be at the top of your priority list, it is actually a very important area for online marketers to understand, and following good usability practices can significantly improve the results of your overall marketing campaigns. While it is only twenty-one pages long, Introduction to Good Usability by Peter Conradie is packed with useful information, and covers everything from breadcrumbs to icons to video.

Increasing the Response to Your Email Marketing Program – Although it is not as trendy as social media, email can still be an extremely effective form of online marketing.  Regardless of whether you haven’t ventured into email marketing yet or want to take your existing email marketing campaign to the next level, this free eBook skips all of the fluff and fills its seventeen pages with concrete tips that you can use to create a succesful email marketing program or increase the efficiency of your existing campaign.

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