5 Firefox Plugins You’ll Love Using

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As long time readers of this blog may remember, I made a post called “3 Firefox Extensions that Every SEO Should Have” all the way back in September. While I still personally use all three of these plugins (and think you should too), they’re only the tip of the iceberg in terms of what’s available.

Because just about anyone who is involved in search engine marketing spends the majority of their time online, I thought I would look at some of the best Firefox plugins that are available to help you increase your productivity.

Morning Coffee: When I get to my office every morning, I go through the exact same routine. Some people might think this sounds boring, but keeping a consistent schedule helps to get me on the right track for the day. In addition to knocking out my email as quickly as possible, I also go through a handful of websites.

Because I visit this same set of websites, I can use the Morning Coffee plugin to automatically open all of those websites in tabs with just one click.

FireFTP: This is one of those plugins that I honestly can’t believe is free. FireFTP does exactly what the name implies; it provides a FTP program directly in your browser. You simply select FireFTP from the Tools menu, and it will launch in a new tab. You can store the login information for different FTP accounts and quickly toggle between them. The transfers are fast, and the interface of this plugin is quite easy to navigate.

FireShot: Whether you are writing a blog post or collecting information for yourself, you probably take at least one or two screenshots throughout the day. To perform this task as efficiently as possible, I recommend FireShot. Out of all the screenshot tools that I have tried (including the one that is part of my computer’s OS), this is the best one I have used.

IE Tab: As much as I dislike Internet Explorer, there are certain websites and web-based programs that simply run better inside of IE. Fortunately, if you are like me and don’t want to keep IE open on your computer, you can use IE Tab to open website or programs with Internet Explorer, but while still working within your Firefox browser.

Google Global: Since this is the SEO Hosting blog, I couldn’t write a post on Firefox plugins without including one that is directly related to search engine marketing. I decided to highlight the Google Global plugin, because I have found this one to be quite useful over the last couple of months.

Whether it’s to view the organic SERPs or to see the position of a PPC ad, Google Global allows you to choose the location you want to search from. So, even if your IP is located in one city, you can use this plugin to see the same SERPs and ads that people thousands of miles away are seeing.

Since I know you are probably using some other great Firefox plugins to increase your productivity, be sure to share them with the rest of us in the comment section!

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