5 Article Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

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Because it’s one of the older search marketing strategies, article marketing tends to get overlooked sometimes. However, I still believe effective article marketing is useful for increasing your search engine presence, building authority, growing your email list, and driving targeted traffic to your website. But you’ll never enjoy the benefits of article marketing if you make these common mistakes.

Mistake #1: Publishing high quantities of low-quality content

When you think of article marketing, you probably think about submitting hundreds of articles to different directories throughout the web. And while quantity is certainly an important part of article marketing, so too is quality. All you have to do is check out any article directory, and you’ll see just how many people are overlooking the importance of submitting quality content.

See, it’s not enough just to clog up space in the search engines; you need to take advantage of these rankings by driving traffic from your articles to specific landing pages on your website. That will never happen if your article is poorly written. Worse yet, a slew of low-quality articles can cause others to view you as a spammer, and that’s a difficult reputation to shake.

Mistake #2: Not using keyword-rich anchor text

One of the main reasons we use article marketing is to build back links to our website. To take full advantage of this, you should be using keyword-rich anchor text in all of your links in the article. This increases the targeted page’s relevance for the keyword in the anchor text, and it can be useful in driving quality traffic to the page. Always make sure you link properly according to the directory’s linking guidelines.

Mistake #3: Misuse of author resource box

The author resource box can be used to give readers a call to action as well as to build your credibility. I’ve already written a post on this subject, so be sure to read these tips on writing an author’s resource box for article marketing.

Mistake #4: Being overly self-promotional

Sure, the goal of any article marketing campaign is to increase your online presence and to generate more leads and sales. However, this doesn’t mean your articles should be poorly-disguised advertisements for your products and services. Articles should be written to educate readers by providing them with quality insight and your expertise. Focus on giving readers tips they can use rather than trying to push your products or services on them.

Mistake #5: Ignoring rules of the directory

Every article submission directory has its own rules for writing and submitting content. These rules include minimum word counts, maximum number of allowed links, and overall quality of content. Always be sure to read these guidelines before submitting an article. Failure to do so will get your article rejected, and it could lead to your account being suspended from the website.


Which article marketing mistakes would you add to this list? Share your thoughts in the replies.

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